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Dry Fruit charges amplify as Taliban takes over Afghanistan -down and unique prices

Suppliers are selling dry fruits at elevated charges, taking attend of the elevated demands since Raksha Bandhan is spherical the nook

Up up to now: Aug 19, 2021, 10: 57 PM IST

The fetch of Afghanistan by the Taliban has started exhibiting its build on the import and export of the neighbouring worldwide locations as effectively. The trade of dry fruits with India has been impacted majorly attributable to the authorities switch in Afghanistan. 

Costs of dry fruits like cashews, raisins, figs and almonds beget considered a like a flash surge in prices by Rs 50-100. The prices of almonds beget elevated from Rs 100-150 and raisins beget long past up to Rs 100 per kg after the takeover. 

No longer fully this nonetheless the disruption within the provision of raisins, figs and others beget also triggered many points. For that reason of the stress between the Taliban and Afghan forces, the import and export changed into disrupted which led to the dearth of arena fabric and amplify in prices of almonds, raisins, figs and raisins, among diverse dry fruits.  

Since unique stock is no longer on hand and Raksha Bandhan is spherical the nook, suppliers are selling dry fruits at elevated charges, taking attend of the elevated demands. 

Right here’s a comparability of Light and Current prices of Dry Fruits: 

Dry fruits             Light mark       Current mark 

-Almond             Rs 600/KG        Rs 800/Kg

-Dry grapes        Rs 550/KG        Rs 750/kg

-Fig                     Rs 800/kg         Rs 1000/Kg

-Walnut               Rs 400/kg         Rs 600/kg

-Pistachios           Rs 1750/kg      Rs 2000/ kg

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