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Mr. Akash Kundu is well-known as the youngest trainer in the field of Cyber Forensics andCyber Crime. He has served as a visiting faculty and technical expert in CBI, CRPF, and Indian Police on Cyber Forensics and Cyber Crime Investigation courses at the young age of 21. However, he has also worked as Cyber Security Consultant for Global companies likefintech, media, and healthcare as well as telecommunication sectors.With his reach experience, he started Vulhunt which is India’s first crowdsourcedcybersecurity platform.

As a Founder and CEO, he has leveraged his knowledge andexperience to add value to your money and reduce risk. Moreover, his Vulhunt’s output is farbetter than traditional penetration testing. Here, he has highly qualified, talented, and trustedsecurity experts who are capable of detecting the maximum possible verified vulnerabilities swiftly.

Mr. Akash Kundu shared the secrets behind his company’s name Vulhunt. He mentioned the loopholes in systems are called Vulnerabilities and the people who find them are bug hunters in the security industry. Thus, he took ‘Vul’ from Vulnerabilities, ‘Hunt’ from hunters to make the name ‘VULHUNT.’ Basically, VULHUNT is derived from a fundamental belief whose approach and understanding of cybersecurity is a bigger shift. However, cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and advanced, and also they are getting into digital space.

Vulhunt’s penetration testing services push back against the stereotype of shady, and dangerous hackers. They have created a collaborative community of highly trained ethical hunters, passionate about helping companies in minimizing risk and assures consumer safety.

Further, Mr. Akash Kundu helps organizations in understanding the real impacts of their cybersecurity strategies. They also offer a sophisticated SaaS Penetration Testing platform by offering them unparalleled control and visibility of every aspect of their cybersecurity strategy.

Mr. Akash Kundu mentioned that one of the major reasons behind the launch of this company during the Covid is to create a wave of job creation. One of the core values of the company is diversity and women’s employment. He and his team have created a unique referral program. In their platform, if any security researchers refer a women security researcher to their portal they will get rewards of $28. They were planning for more social media and media campaigns for the creation of awareness among women professionals to join them. Their value-based service models fixed schedule of working.

However, the flexibility will permit more women to participate in their programs along with the maintenance of their comfort of managing their other commitments. Well, their target is to have almost 50% women in their researcher pool.

In an interview with Global Business Line when Mr. Akash Kundu was asked how his portal is different and unique from the other portals, he spoke about offerings. One of the unique programs of Vulhunt for the organizations is the Privilege Program which are custom programs customized for clients VAPT programs referring to their concerns. It is designed after enormous research and interview of several CISOs (Chief information security officers) from the Cyber Security industry. It is Vulhunt that only provides this program. Undoubtedly, they have made use of quality and technology features which reduces time as well as cost for managing such programs and giving better output. They are purely value-based service platforms. The client will pay only when the security vulnerabilities are identified. If there are no vulnerabilities, the client doesn’t need to pay anything. Additionally, for the Security Researchers, they have a great rewards program that can’t be compared with any other portals.

Mr. Akash Kundu and his team make use of a pure value-based service model. The security researcher gets paid for the vulnerabilities they find and report. There is no hours or time-based pay and it is purely working with the flexibility and delivering quality result and getting rewarded for it. Here, anyone can get registered with their portal. Those who are employed and not employed can be resigned with them and participate in their vulnerabilities finding programs.

Unlike the real attack scenario, Mr. Akash Kundu and his team found a large group of qualified security researchers testing attack surface, compared to the 1 – 3 of a traditional penetration test. This translates into faster vulnerability identification. A large group of security researchers testing attack surfaces gives a simulation of a real attack and identifies hidden vulnerabilities/gaps in existing security posture due to diverse techniques/methodologies, tools, etc. which cannot be covered in traditional penetration testing or with an automated scanner tool.

Notably, Vulhunt connects you with global quality and trusted security researchers with diverse skill sets and rich industry experience. With Vulhunt you can achieve continuity, transparency, and completeness of tests, aligned to your risk objectives.

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