Facebook is testing the ‘Green Screen’ editing tool for content creators

Facebook announced to incorporate green screens for the content creators, and let them show more creativity. 

It is currently testing this new feature for its users. This tool will allow users to add any video or images in the background of the stores you are creating. You can add text and get it a personalized screen speaking your mood or present activity. This new feature is quite similar to the one we already have on Instagram. 

The major difference between both is on Facebook it will be available as an editing tool for social media applications, whereas on Instagram it is a type of an AR filter or effect. 

The tool cum feature was spotted by one person through social media yesterday and tweeted regarding the same. It says you can see the option in the stories section, and select a photo or video from the gallery to upload it on the screen. The moment you choose the option, you’ll see a Green Screen. 

Facebook is one of those social media platforms which has been evolving constantly and has changed dramatically since its commencement. New features, add one, swift interface and user friendly and so much more. With the time and need it has been refurbishing its application and making it more secure, and highly engaging. We all share our day-to-day activities on social platforms and try to connect with the world from our devices. And with rising demand, and increasing users, social tech companies are on their highest level of working towards a better way of connecting to the rest of the world. 

The handy and highly exclusive tool for content creators is already available on the popular short video platform TikTok, which was banned in India in 2020. 

To date, no confirmation has been given about the update that it’s being tested, or when it’ll be activated in the future. Due to this add-on, a bit of content creation dimension will be added and the more personalized the platform will become. 

Lastly, at the starting of March Facebook has also added reel making feature, and now with this announcement, it means all it is doing is to make a more versatile platform like any other applications. A platform where you can do everything without switching to other applications! 

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