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Frontier Airlines CEO urges crackdown of ‘rampant abuse’ of airport wheelchair provider

Frontier Airlines plane seen at Cancun Global Airport. On Wednesday, December 08, 2021, in Cancun Global Airport, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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The 1986 Air Provider Rep admission to Act requires airways to present a wheelchair for passengers with disabilities at the airport. The train, though, is that many vacationers are faking it, Frontier Airlines CEO Barry Biffle acknowledged.

“There is huge, rampant abuse of special products and providers. There are people using wheelchair assistance who fabricate no longer need it at all,” Biffle acknowledged at a Wings Club luncheon on Thursday in New York.

He acknowledged he has seen some Frontier flights where 20 people had been brought in wheelchairs at departure, with exclusively three using them upon arrival.

“We are healing so many people,” he joked.

Biffle wasn’t talking about vacationers’ private wheelchairs, nevertheless fairly the provider airways present when vacationers reach at the airport.

It charges the airline between $30 and $35 every time a buyer requests a wheelchair, Biffle acknowledged, and abuse of the provider leads to delays for vacationers with an right need for assistance.

“Everybody wishes to be entitled to it who wants it, nevertheless you park in a handicapped put of abode they’d presumably well tow your automobile and ravishing you,” he knowledgeable CNBC. “There wishes to be the identical penalty for abusing these products and providers.”

Biffle will not be any longer the exclusively govt to bitch about vacationers falsely claiming they need accumulate admission to to a wheelchair at the airport.

In July 2022, John Holland-Kaye, the then-CEO of London’s Heathrow Airport, knowledgeable LBC Radio amid staffing shortages that some vacationers had been “using wheelchair toughen to map shut a request at to accumulate speedy-tracked in the course of the airport.”

“Whereas you move on TikTok, that is one amongst the shuttle hacks people are recommending,” he acknowledged. “Please fabricate no longer procedure that. We must always defend the provider for people that need it most.”

John Morris, a triple amputee and founder of, great there are the explanation why some vacationers could presumably well need wheelchairs on their outbound leg nevertheless no longer upon arrival. For instance, they will even wish the advantage to accumulate through a clear airport fancy in Atlanta or New York Metropolis, nevertheless no longer so at smaller products and providers.

“Disability impacts people in replacement totally different ways,” he acknowledged.

“I fetch there is a upright case to be made that abusers could presumably well also aloof face some final result nevertheless I’m no longer certain how we procedure that in a society when our disabilities are now not [always] seen,” Morris acknowledged.

Earlier this year, the Division of Transportation proposed stricter rules aimed at fighting wheelchair trouble by airport ground handlers and guaranteeing “advised assistance” to vacationers with disabilities when getting on and off the plane.

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