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India: 10th cheetah from Namibia dies in Kuno National Park, sparks concerns on reintroduction project

In a relating to trend, another cheetah named Shaurya has died in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park, marking the 10th fatality for the rationale that cheetah reintroduction project commenced in 2022.

The Namibian cheetah’s loss of life on Tuesday (Jan 16), adds to the alarming count of seven adults and three cubs misplaced at the national park, basically as a consequence of slightly just a few infections.

Shaurya’s loss of life occurred around 3:17 pm, and the motive in the support of loss of life will likely be obvious after post-mortem examination, per an legitimate assertion by the Extra Major Chief Conservator of Wooded arena and Director of the Lion Mission.

The tracking crew seen incoordination and a staggering gait around 11 am, prompting the cheetah’s tranquilisation. Even if initially revived, complications arose post-revival, leading to a failed response to CPR.

Earlier cheetah deaths and causes

The final recorded cheetah loss of life in Kuno National Park became once reported on August 2, 2023. Infections precipitated by bugs throughout the monsoon season were cited by the authorities as the first role off for the outdated two deaths.

The fatalities possess raised concerns and even reached the Supreme Court, which, in the outdated twelve months, expressed no motive to demand the central authorities’s cheetah reintroduction efforts.

Cheetahs were declared extinct in India in 1952. The ambitious reintroduction project began in 2022, bringing 20 adult cheetahs from Namibia and South Africa in two batches.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the project on September 17, 2023, releasing a community of cheetahs into an enclosure in Kuno National Park. No topic the birth of 4 cubs in the park, the excessive mortality price, with three cubs and six adults dying within 5 months till August 2023, raised valuable concerns over Mission Cheetah.

The Supreme Court, addressing the scenario of additional than one cheetah deaths, affirmed that there became once no basis to demand the central authorities’s reintroduction efforts.

No topic the setbacks, Mission Cheetah’s head, SP Yadav, shared plans to import another batch of cheetahs from South Africa for introduction in the Gandhi Sagar Vegetation and fauna Sanctuary.

(With inputs from agencies)

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