Info Edge invested in a drone startup to help Swiggy in making deliveries

Well-known Bengaluru-based Skylark Drones is now helping the food delivery app Swiggy to get its drones off the ground that has raised almost $3 million in its pre-Series. However, a funding round co-led by Zomato’s investor Info Edge Ventures and Indian Angel Network (IAN) fund. Additionally, Fowler Westrup, AdvantEdge Founders, Redstart Labs, IKP, and Vimson group has also participated in this round.

Swiggy has now partnered with Skylark for testing its drones delivery system. In June, the Swiggy-Skylark consortium along with other 19 consortiums received the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s (MoCA) approval for carrying out the experimental drone flight operations in India.

In 2014, Bengaluru-based engineers Mughilan Thiru Ramasamy and Mrinal Pai introduced Skylark Drones. It had raised its seed round in the year 2018. However, the company even provided work-site intelligence to permit accurate business decision-making use of drone data.

Further, Skylark Drones will be making use of the latest funding for boosting its drone data analytics and offers more actionable insights. Well, the capital will even fuel the company’s international product expansion and development of its drone data analytics products.

Notably, the company has offices in the US and India. Also, it claims to help 100 enterprises clients who have processed over one million images and 20,000 autonomous flights through its platform.

Amit Behl, a partner at Info Edge Venture fund mentioned in a statement, “Aerial intelligence is a theme that has immense potential as it provides significant cost, time and accuracy benefits for large infrastructure companies which face frequent cost and time overruns. Skylark has built an indigenous platform that facilitates quick mobilization of independent drone pilots, enabling them to run drone missions to gather aerial images of large worksites.”

In the meantime, IAN’s managing partner Rajnish Kapur highlighted that the global drone software market size is projected to reach out $9.96 billion by 2027 and growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.05%.

He even added, “With the rising adoption of advanced technologies such as AI and ML, Skylark Drones’ solutions can unlock potential while increasing productivity and ensuring the safety of work-sites. What impressed us most was a strong and unique business model – one that is easily scalable in India and beyond.”

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