Kevin O’Leary- buy bitcoin mined with clean energy and none mined in China

Kevin O’Leary, a celebrity investor mentioned that he will be only availing bitcoins mined sustainably in the countries that make use of clean energy. On Monday, he said, “I see over the next year or two, two kinds of coin. Blood coin from China, (and) clean coin mined sustainably in countries that use hydroelectricity, not coal.”

According to Statista, bitcoin mining is extremely energy-intensive and covers 65% of the world’s bitcoin which was mined in China by April 2020. O’Leary mentioned, “I’m going on the side of clean coin.”

As per the CoinDesk report, the chairman of O’Shares ETFs once mentioned that bitcoin “garbage,” has changed his mind currently, and said that it might allocate 3% of his personal portfolio to the cryptocurrency.

O’Leary mentioned that he was “inundated” because he was questioned several times about buying “blood coin from China” as he said that he wanted to make the investment in bitcoin.

Many large institutions are imposing restrictions on assets which they will hold to comply with environmental and corporate governance rules and regulations. However, the concerns involve human rights and carbon emissions. He also mentioned that whether the product is manufactured in China is also a consideration.

He exclaimed, “All these issues … have now come to the fore on bitcoin. “Institutions will not buy coin mined in China, coin mined using coal to burn for electricity, coin mined in countries with sanctions on them.”

He mentioned that the institution is now willing to endorse China as there lie issues with human rights.

Personally, O’Leary believes that he’s working hard to assure every coin that he owns is compliant.

He added, “I’m not buying coin unless I know where it was mined, when it was mined, the provenance of it. Not in China. No blood coin for me.”

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