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Leaders of India, Japan, the US, to meet in first-ever QUAD Summit

NEW DELHI- The leaders of some of the leading Nations namely the United States-Japan Australia and India will meet in a virtual Summit on Friday full stop has been announced by the US and the Indian governments on Tuesday 9th March 2021.

The main reason behind the very first QUAD Summit is to keep China’s challenge in its sights and analyze situations accurately. As a result, these nations are in the process of discussing some of the ends and critical questions to find the most ideal way forward. 

It will be the first time discussions have been held between the prominent heads of state of the four-member group informally known as the QUAD to highlight the tensions racing with China over a variety of ends. 

The topic of discussion will be about the regional and global issues of mutual interest and exchange opinions or views on practical areas of cooperation towards maintaining an open, free, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region- stated by the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in a recent announcement. 

Moreover, an official Indian readout says that- the meeting of Indian PM Narendra Modi, PM Yoshihide Suga, President Joe Biden, and PM Scott Morrison will discuss everything from Covid scenario to other aspects and even climatic change. 

The surprising part is that the term “Quad” which was used as the quadrilateral security dialogue is now known as the quadrilateral framework to plan analysis beyond a narrow security dialogue among Nations. The 2021 Quad Summit began in 2007. 

One of the reports by MEA stated- “The Summit will offer an opportunity to change opinions and views on contemporary challenges such as emerging technologies, supply chains, climate change, Maritime security and so on. 

Finally, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was seen pushing the meeting, while Joe Biden acted quickly and accepted both and was added to his mandate. On January 27, Biden and Suga had a conversation, Morrison on February 3 and Modi on February 8 to convene the summit as quickly as possible. And last week in February, Morrison said that Quad Summits will be regular, and on 18 February US secretary of state Anthony Blinken commenced a Virtual meetup of the foreign leaders for the same. 

Most likely, the first opportunity for 2021 would be at the G7 summit in the United Kingdom, where India, South Korea, and Australia will be special guests. 

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