New Instagram Feature “Story Draft”

Instagram is on the verge of adding new story features. Soon the user will be able to save the unfinished Instagram stories as a draft. Further, this feature is similar to that of drafts work on Twitter. If you are planning to come back to the draft stories and finish them later, then you will be able to do it soon. Well, Instagram has announced the arrival of the features through its official Twitter handle. Yet the social media giant didn’t reveal the exact date of the release.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri mentioned that the new feature is “coming soon.” He said that this feature is one of the most requested features by Instagram users. Currently, the details are unknown. Well, as per the report the features are still under development. However, the screenshot of the feature how it works have leaked online.

The screenshot portrays abandon an unfinished story. A small window will soon pop-up on the screen by asking to either save stories as drafts or discard them and then you can start with a new story. Whenever a story is discarded, Instagram will give you a reminder through a display message saying all the edits. It can be erased and the user may not be able to recover them.

As soon as tap on the ‘Save Draft’ option, you can save the story edits in the Instagram draft section.  Further, this will not go live and you will get the option to get access to it later. Also, there will be a “Cancel” option that will remove the dialog box and permit the user to go back to the story creation.

If somebody accidentally presses the back button while working on a story this feature will be offering reliving content which may not get deleted. This is currently unknown there will be any limit for saving story drafts on Instagram.

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