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Seema Haider case reversal: Indian lady travels to Pakistan to fulfill lover

In a complete reversal of the Seema Haider case, an Indian lady from the nationwide capital Unusual Delhi travelled to Pakistan’s Dir Bala in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to fulfill her lover, Aaj News reported on Sunday.

Seema Haider, a Pakistani lady and a mother of four, had travelled to India illegally by project of Nepal to be with Sachin Meena, whom she met on a digital gaming platform.

Nonetheless, not like Haider, the married Indian lady, who was identified as Anju, was granted entry into Pakistan by the authorities on the load of a visa.

As per the file, Upper Dir SHO, Javed Khan acknowledged Anju entered Pakistan lawfully and with a sincere visa.

Per the SHO, he further attested to Anju’s four-three hundred and sixty five days-long relationship with Nasr.

Per local media reports, the married lady arrived in Pakistan thru the Wagah border and further travelled to Islamabad.

The file further added that though the girl had entered the country lawfully, the authorities authorities have opened an inquiry into the topic.

Additional, as per the file, 35-three hundred and sixty five days-venerable Anju and 29-three hundred and sixty five days-venerable Nasrullah from Upper Dir, grew to become chums on social media and quickly their friendship grew to become accurate into a like affair.

As per local media reports, married Anju made up our minds to unsuitable over to Pakistan and wobble the entire manner to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in search of like.

Per Aaj News, the Upper Dir Police had confirmed that the Indian lady was at demonstrate in the Malakand Division district and a security crew had begun an investigation.

As per her visa records, Anju was allowed a dwell in Pakistan for 30 days.

Anju met Nasrullah on Facebook

Anju acknowledged that she met
Nasrullah on Facebook four years previously and the two grew to become chums, Aaj quoted her as saying.

She added that she loved Nasrullah and “may per chance per chance well well no longer stay without” him.

Anju, who’s a working lady in India, acknowledged that she was visiting Pakistan for sightseeing and that marriage was no longer on her mind, claimed Nasrullah’s relatives.

Earlier, reacting to the unlawful unsuitable-over of Seema Haider into India, the Ministry of External Affairs had acknowledged the topic was ‘under investigation, adding that she was presented earlier than the court docket and was granted bail.

“We’re aware of the topic. She was presented earlier than the court docket and is now out on bail,” the knowledgeable spokesperson of the MEA, Arindam Bagchi, acknowledged at a press briefing on July 20.

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