South Park Ideal Killed Off a Distinguished Personality

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South Park spoilers notice.

One in all South Park‘s most iconic running gags became significant character Kenny McCormick getting killed in nearly every episode, simplest for him to reappear within the following as if nothing ever came about.

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The hour-long tournament, which is on hand to circulation on Paramount+ now, takes effect decades into the long term, years after Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman moved away and drifted apart.

The worn pals are introduced advantage to the titular town, even though, when Stan – now a net-based whiskey consultant in a relationship with a holographic Alexa – receives a mobile telephone name from Kyle, who tells him that Kenny has handed away.

When they come advantage in South Park for Kenny’s funeral, Stan, Kyle and Cartman – whose newfound Judaism irks Kyle, provided that he’d continuously spout antisemitic comments after they were in elementary college – take a look at out that Kenny had grown as much as turn into a wealthy and popular scientist, and that he became killed while investigating the origin of coronavirus.


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Kenny’s clues indicate to the boys (well, males) that Stan’s father Randy and his farm had one thing to execute with COVID-19, and that they’d be ready to derive the proof if they “thought admire formative years again”.

Later, Randy reluctantly confesses to having started the pandemic by having intercourse with a pangolin in China, and when he goes off on a rant and mentions that he outmoded to smuggle marijuana seeds up his butt within the nursing dwelling, Stan is struck with a thought: Kenny hid his records up his possess butt.

On the morgue, Stan, Kyle and Cartman retrieve the flash power and bring it to the college’s lab, where they and a bunch of their other chums take a look at out Kenny’s last video.

In it, he explains that he became attempting to splendid time trip and how a colleague of his stumbled on out that everyone’s horrifying fates were down to the indisputable truth that his “argumentative, combative, pessimistic ahole” most effective chums allowed the pandemic to power them apart.


He then states that a malfunction in their tech zapped him into one more technology, and when he reappeared, he became infected with a lethal COVID variant.

The actual ended with Stan and Kyle vowing to invent Kenny’s work and pick out time trip, so that they’ll repair the long term and their friendship. Cartman furthermore is of the same opinion to attend, however slips out of the lab to his household, where he admits he does no longer desire the long term fastened and flees with them.

In other areas, Randy finds a single marijuana plant increasing within the burned fields of Tegridy Farms, and swears to present protection to the last little bit of “tegridy” that stays.

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