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The Wonder leader: Manoj Kumar- The Business Leader and Transformational Coach

Dr. Manoj Kumar Leadership, Business Excellence, Transformational Success Coach, and Direct Selling Expert, Transformational leaders are tomorrow’s leaders, enabling their teams and entire organizations to overcome the complexity and multiple challenges of today’s business world. They are leaders who engage, inspire, and use transformational Leadership skills to deliver high performance for themselves, their teams, and their entire organization.

Nelson Mandela, who transformed an entire segregated society into a single community, turned his followers and supporters into leaders capable of standing up for their values and making their contributions to change.

Business Transformational leaders help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to grow in a variety of ways. They work on a fixed schedule, and share actionable feedback, personal advice, and growth plans with their clients to increase corporate revenues, accelerate their careers, and increase business growth.

We have Interviewed Dr. Manoj Kumar, he is a Physician, turned into Entrepreneur, presently he is a Leadership, Business Excellence, Transformational Success Coach, and Direct Selling Expert as well as Wellness Coach & Lifestyle Disorder Consultant. His passion is to always help people to “BREAKTHROUGH” and achieve enormous SUCCESS in their life covering the most critical aspects i.e., Health and Wealth & Happiness.

The Business Leaders like Dr.Manoj Kumar specialize in helping Individual and business owners achieve their visions and goals for their life and business. Transformational leaders are experts and entrepreneurs who know what it takes to make a company successful. Transformational leaders work with executives to help them define their goals, refine their vision for their company, and develop a set of strategies to help them achieve their goals and visions. Dr. Manoj Kumar started his career as a “Medical Graduate, moved into as an entrepreneur then, he engaged himself in Training, Mentoring & Coaching “Knowledge Industry” as his passion. His mission is to help 10 Million Entrepreneurs, working professionals, and all the Dreamers who want to achieve their Goals, Growth & Wealth in their life using the science-based Goal Setting & Achieving Blueprint.

Dr.Manoj Kumar the creator of the “Science-Based Goal Setting & Achieving Blueprint” and Growth Wealth System. In other words, Dr. Manoj Kumar is a high-quality business Transformational Leader able to help you with a business of any size, no matter how big you want it to grow, also he is expertise in Direct Selling Industry. A large part of Dr. Manoj Kumar is to learn from its owners as they work to develop a strategy that is best suited to the particular situation. In terms of specialization, He would say that most Transformational leaders have experience working with small businesses.

When a single leader is transformed to improve their performance, training skills can be used to create a transformative leadership style that teaches the leader and organization how to maximize the return on their investment in coaching. Transformational Success Coaches like Dr.Manoj Kumar helps people transform themselves and their lives to be the right people. People seek the help of a transformational coach when they feel they need help to achieve their life goals, or they simply need help to live a more fulfilling life. No matter in which area of life people need help, Transformational Coaches can help. Working with a Leadership and Transformational Coach can help most people put their past (including their successes and perceived failures) to rest and pursue new goals to improve their lives and transform them into the amazing people they are meant to be.

Dr. Manoj Kumar holds 16 years of experience in the field of Training, Mentoring & Coaching and he is a Certified International Trainer & Coach, Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Life & Executive Coach, Certified Master Trainer as well as a Certified NLP Practitioner and Founder of Winners Academy.

He and his team at Winners’ Academy helping people bringing their finest, best and happiest way to live, resulting in stronger relationships, more productivity, less stress, and better health.

Dr.Manoj Kumar’s training programs for trainers attract people who are committed to social change and who need the tools to support long-term change. Professional trainer training offers a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. Becoming a certified coach through professional coach training awakens passions and expands cultural awareness. He and his team have been celebrating their passion for Training and Development, Coaching, and Mentoring to Organizations and individuals for over a decade now. Dr.Manoj Kumar has reached thousands of individuals (and still counting) and has transformed the lives of many by helping them in mastering the art of Healthy and Wealthy Living and making responsible choices in their lives.

For his exceptional contribution, he is awarded different National and International Awards:

  • India Leadership Award – 2018,
  • Indian Icon Business Award Winner –2018,
  • American Leadership Award Winner – 2018,
  • Fellowship from American Leadership Board America – 2018,
  • India Business Excellence Award Winner – 2019,
  • Asia Pacific Healthcare Award – 2019,
  • International Education Award – 2020
  • India Health & Wellness Award – 2020.

Leadership and Transformation Success Coaches like Dr. Manoj Kumar, strive to ensure that customers become more confident, self-confident, and goal-oriented in the end. Mobius Executive Leadership is a leading education and leadership development company. His executive training is experienced experts in this field with pronounced entrepreneurial acumen and an action-oriented background.

Dr.Manoj Kumar says training is something that many people see more than anything else as a prerequisite, and offering your associates and employees high-quality training is the best way to increase your chances of success. Offering staff training programs, that they are valued and that they know that they have support and access to help at all times. Your associates & employees are powerhouses and you need to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to realize their full potential and boost your businesses.

Winners’ Academy helps in preparing young minds to be winners. The goal is to exceed for the better to the best for raising the capability of the child. Winners’ Academy has its all and they have proved it over and over again. Dr. Manoj Kumar and his team help with positive learning and there also emerge the only winner.

To accelerate the economy of India we need to boost the business and startups. Also, we need more business transformational leaders like Dr. Manoj Kumar to boost the economy.

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