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TRAI has listed out 39 top organizations & banks over SMS rules

On Tuesday, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is analyzing and monitoring the application of the new rules for SMS or text messages that aim to check the nuisance of spam messages and regulate them that are sent by the major entities to the prospects for promotional or other related purposes. The new updates say, the controlling unit is preparing the list of entities who have not yet registered themselves with telecom service providers as the rule’s mandates, and already published the list of the defaulting firms. 

Earlier, the deadline for the deployment of the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 after prospects faced confusion in online registration bookings and transactions from the firms that failed to register before the due date. The rules were deployed after the 7-day annex, although telcos were asked not to scrub out messages from unregistered entities so that prospects do not face issues in transactions. 

In addition, one of the officials said- “TRAI has written to regulatory bodies like the RBI, SEBI and also to the Finance Secretary to direct entities under their jurisdiction to comply with these rules and regulations. 

Later, in TRAI’s letter to SEBI, the market regulator said that it has advised registered entities inclusive Market infrastructure Institutions to ensure strict agreement with TRAI’s norms. 

On the other hand, SEBI said- “It has come to the notice of SEBI that free messages containing stock tips advice with respect to listed companies are increasingly being circulated via bulk SMS, inducing investors and the general public to purchase the stocks of certain listed companies. 

TRAI says that “sufficient opportunity” has already been given to these companies to comply with the norms needs and therefore from 1 April’ 2021, any messages that break in the scrubbing process due to non-compliance will be rejected by the system, specifically the mentioned firms list of 39 companies who have broken the new norms. 

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