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World Sleep Day 2021- Tips and Ways for Good Night’s sleep

World Sleep Day (the Friday before the northern hemisphere vernal equinox) is an annual event that is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society, formerly known as WASM (World Association of Sleep Medicine), since 2008. The motive behind this initiative is to celebrate the perks of good and healthy sleep and to entice society to the burden of sleep problems. Also, to raise awareness about its medical, educational, and social aspects, and to promote the management of sleep disorders. 

This year- The date for the global event is- 19 March’2021 and the theme- “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”. 

Did you know that poor and irregular sleep is linked to higher body weight and other health issues? It can lead to more stress, and make you lethargic all day long, and even slow down your machine. Weaker immunity, less energy and other side effects of not getting good sleep is going to make you worse.

To ensure good health and a regular sleep cycle, here are few tips to follow that will help you get the right amount of sleep and let you feel more fresh and energetic every morning. 

Optimize your sleep timings 

Always try to sleep and wake at a fixed time. It will be tough and impossible for your body to become habitual to a healthy and fixed routine if you are constantly waking up at different times. Set up your wake-up and go-to-bed timings, even on any other days or weekends. Try to follow without breaking the chain, it will surely help you! 

Light up your Pre-bed Routine 

If you are having a tough time falling asleep, it happens quite often if you are thinking too much or stressing up a lot over something. In this situation, you should ease down your mind and surroundings, wind down through reading a book, listening to soothing music, which are some of the best ways to get into the right frame of sleeping. Avoid using tablets or any other electronic gadget, calm down your mind as much as possible. 

Don’t eat heavy in the late night 

Try to avoid eating too late and heavy food at night. It can be harder to fall asleep peacefully if your body is still digesting a big dinner that had just a few minutes before going to bed. Thus, to keep food-based disruptions, try not to eat too late and minimize eating spicy and fatty foods. If you are feeling hungry and craving an evening snack, prefer something light and normal. This will help you get better sleep in no time. 

Monitor your caffeine intake 

Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks, including tea, coffee, soda etc. These are some of the most popular drinks and we all are tempted to use the jolt of energy from caffeine to overcome sleep in daytimes. Big try not to drink during nights, as it will lead you not to sleep. Try to keep check on your caffeine consumption, drink but in a controlled manner for a Sustainable and healthy body and sleep routine. 

Try Relaxation ways 

The main way of getting healthy sleep is not to focus on trying too hard to sleep, instead focus on most getting relaxed. Calm your state of mind, stop thinking, avoid all extra fuss and shift to during other times. With controlled breathing, meditation, progressive music, and so on to let you have better vibes around yourself and your mind. 

Monitor your bedroom lights 

One of the facts of making the right state of mind to fall asleep quickly and easily is to monitor the lights of your bedroom. Try to have them dim and at the right temperature to make you fully comfortable. As exposure to more light can suppress the production of melatonin, it’s a hormone that lets your body know it’s time for sleep. Thus, adjust dim lights for no disturbance and eye irritation. 

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