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11 High Functions of the HX130LCR Compact Radius Excavator with Werk-Brau Bucket

11 High Functions of the HX130LCR Compact Radius Excavator with Werk-Brau Bucket

December 9, 2020 | Product Recordsdata

 Hyundai seller Alta Gear shares a product spotlight video of the HX130LCR Hyundai Compact Excavator’s high parts on their youtube channel. *

Thanks whisk to Dave Wawrzyniec,  Gross sales Consultant at  ALTA Gear, for growing this walkthrough of the machine equipped with 24″ wide triple browser metallic tracks, elective dozer blade, 7′ 5″ dipstick, and elective Werk-Brau pin grabber coupler / 30″  bucket.

“With the Werk-Brau pin grabber coupler/ 30″ bucket combo connected to the 7′ 5″ dipstick, the machine supplies you roughly a 25′ 3″ most reach with a 16′ 6″ max digging depth,” Dave explains.

Spotlighted parts of the HX130LCR compact radius excavator:

  •  Auxiliary hydraulic circuit to energy excavator attachments, equivalent to breakers and thumbs (: 33 sec)
  •  Easy accessibility to your air filter for each day servicing -(1: 12 sec)
  • Nice, huge wide cab (1: 25 sec)
  • A few settle-handles to acquire inner and outside of the machine (1: 33 sec)
  • “Easy up” excavator entrance window (1: 36 sec)
  • Air hurry seats (1: 40 sec)
  • Fully adjustable arm rests – forward and aid, so any size operator can acquire ecstatic and salvage the joysticks the place they need them (1: 46 sec)
  • Easy to acquire machine controls (1: 59 sec)
  • Comes with Hyundai’s Hello MATE telematic monitoring machine, (free for the first 5 years) (2: 02 sec)
  • Backup camera is accessible with the AAVM four corner camera machine (2: 05 sec)
  • 3-YR/ 3,000-HR full machine guarantee / 5-YR/ 10,000-HR structural guarantee (2: 14 sec)

For tiny print on the HX130 LCR Hyundai machine featured with Werk-Brau bucket attachment, contact Dave Wawrzyniec, Gross sales Consultant,  ALTA Gear*.

*Present: Martin Implement is now half of ALTA Gear Community. Other Hyundai machines are also accessible. 

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