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Amazon allies with Seraphim on AWS accelerator for space startups

Amazon is one of those global companies, which always stays ahead of grabbing opportunities in almost every sector. Now it will soon be a big part of the space economy in the form of its Kuiper Satellite constellation. 

Amazon recently announced and said- “AWS understands the importance of creating and nurturing startup communities, and today, we are proud to announce the launch of the AWS Space Accelerator. 

Amazon has partnered with the space-focused VC outfit Seraphim Capital to create a 4-week long program with a $100,000 AWS credit to the selected applicants. 

Clint Crosier, director of aerospace and satellite at AWS, said- “Startups offer a catalyst for bold new experimentation in the space industry”. 

The 4 week-long program will accept applications from innovative startups at different stages of maturity working with space technology. The program’s objective states- “Our program is unique compared to how accelerators traditionally operate. We welcome firms at all stages, from growth stage to series C beyond. Each participating company determines its own individual goals and focus, too. During the program, the companies will benefit from both technical and commercial expertise at AWS, which will align with their challenges and objectives. 

It has been said by the company- Application is open and with the need that you are aiming for the space sector and plan to use AWS at some point in the near future, only ten applicants will be accepted, the last date is April 21. 

Moreover, there are several good space-focused programs out there, but not enough cover every detail and element. They often face a challenge and need a lot of funds to get going compared with your average enterprise SaaS. Amazon also announced we will understand more about the program since the first cohort is declared, likely not for at least a month or two. 

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