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Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 1 | Issue Month:January | Issue Year:2019
  1. When and how did you start?

The journey till now has been very amazing. It all started in 2015 when I came across the blogging platform. Before that, you should know that I worked as a virtual assistant for many people whom I cannot name. But most of them were from the renewable energy sector, few Indians and few foreigners as well. I used to manage their emails and calendars and plan their travels.

So, I was interested in renewable energy from college time. So, when I got to know about blogging, I started my blog by name Techno-Vedam. I started writing about new technologies and companies all related to renewable energy. By December 2016, I had written 150 articles and since there were very fewer competitions in the digital worlds of renewable energy, most of my articles got the first rank, just through the content. In mid of 2016, I joined LinkedIn and started to share my articles.

By January 2017 I started getting an inquiry about the technology or solution I had written in my blog. People around the globe started contacting me and started asking me to help them seeking that technology or solutions or getting connected with that company. At that time, I was working as a strategic consultant in a startup based in New Delhi and my area was Renewable energy.

So, in 2017, I thought to start my own business as I had everything required for that, network and clients who were looking for my help. So, in July 2017 I with help of 2 of my friends Incorporated Aurdinate Global Pvt Ltd. From there my journey in the field of renewable energy started.  At Aurdinate we develop the working business models for our clients, execute them for the clients and help them venture into the new and emerging market. In 2018, we felt that we should work on the technology as well, as the world is changing, and we want to be part of this change.

In 2015, after completing my college, I started working as a research interns in a Delhi based R&D lab and we were working on one of the most futuristic technologies, BLDC fans. I worked there for 5 months and after that, I joined a startup in Delhi. In 2018, when I got Series A funding, the first thing that I did was to partner that same R&D lab. From there IGC Energy born in which we are providing energy efficient appliances and solutions to our clients. Future is not only going to be sustainable but also going to be more efficient that before.

02.How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

If I have to be true, the inspiration to start my career into the energy sector came from a video I saw on YouTube. I am a big-time fan of conspires theories. And everyone like me knows that Nikolas Tesla is a big centre for conspiracy theories. His inventions for free energy generation has a long fan following including me. Leaving that apart, what inspired me that he believed, every human being of this plant has an equal right on electrical energy. He wanted to develop an energy source which can provide unlimited energy without any disturbance to nature. Deep down, I believe this thought of his inspired me a lot and still does.

That YouTube Video, then my job as virtual assistant then blogging about renewable energy, all worked in a domino effect and leading me where I am right now.

03. Brief about organization and founding members

Here we will be talking about the Aurdinate Global Group which includes both Aurdinate Global Pvt Ltd and IGC Energy Pvt Ltd.

So, Aurdinate Global works in the consulting sector, developing and executing business models for clients around the globe is the core job. Also, in Aurdinate Global, we keep an eye of the most promising sectors to venture. Sometimes we venture with our existing clients while sometimes we venture on our own.

In Aurdinate Global, we are 3 partners working together. Myself, Mr. Amit and Mr. Manjunath. 

Mr. Manjunath is a CA, who also happens to be our first investor and after seeing the possibilities and the future in terms of returns on his investment, he expressed his intention to be a part of Aurdinate Global.

Manjunath is a seasoned finance professional with rich experience in strategic financial planning & analysis, reporting, financial accounting & operations, controls & compliance, internal auditing, taxation, treasury management, financial systems/process re-engineering etc. He has an insight of various industries like IT/ITES, telecom, real estate, consulting, bio-informatics etc. having worked in senior leadership positions in start-ups and in reputed MNCs. Being a start-up and a consulting fanatic, he loves exploring various industries and his areas of expertise include process re-engineering, risk assessments, corporate finance, legal reviews, cost optimization among others.

Amit is an expert business strategist, an entrepreneur, and a growth hacker. He has over 8 years of experience in developing businesses and creating brands. Adept at developing branding, marketing and PR strategies for B2C and B2B business, he has proven track record of driving profit generating business models, for organizational growth. He is leading the strategy and growth marketing of few very well renowned brands. He was also instrumental in leading the rebranding initiatives of various brands.

Mr. Amit joined us on a project which we launched and after seeing his passion for renewable energy and what he can bring on the table, we offered him a seat in the board which he happily accepted and now he is working full time with us.

But when it comes to the energy efficiency sector, both the appliances and the solutions are taken care of by IGC energy.

Right now, the IGC Energy is owned by 3 people, me, Mr. Amit and Mr. Satpal (R&D director) but soon our shares will be transferred to Aurdinate Global, making IGC energy subsidiary of Aurdinate Global.

Apart from that, Aurdinate Global works under the advisory of Mr. Deepak Gadhia. He is our Mentor and Guide. He is the pioneer of solar thermal in India and from last 30 years he is leading India in the sector of sustainable growth and development. His famous quote which always inspires me is “India do not need advance technology; what India need is the appropriate technology. A technology which can solve the root level problem yet cheap enough that anyone can afford it.” 

04. The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers.

For me, the best moment of my life was partnering with the research lab in which I was working as an intern and getting Series A funding, but before that, the time from 2017 July to 2018 August was very tough. There were days when I thought o go back to my previous life of the 9-7 job. There were days when I was in the depression, there were days when I was questioning me that if this is going to work or not. And every time I answered myself with the only one thing that is, why I choose this path. I believe if anyone who is willing to or has chosen a different path for himself/herself, if that person just remembers why he/she choose this path, they will get over whatever is bothering them. Apart from that, I would suggest everyone invest time on themselves as well, I am a solo traveller. I travel a lot, I meet new people, get to know about them, see new places. Travelling recharges, us and fill us with positive energy which we can use in our work. I have a very simple routine, that is I work for 6 months and then takes 20 days’ vacation. I will not suggest everyone do this but will surely say to every entrepreneur that this life which you have chosen is very amazing, it’s tough but this journey is very amazing, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have time for yourself. Just remember, life has a lot for you all you need is to ask,

05. About funding, plans on growth

As now we have ventured into the energy efficiency sector with product manufacturing, we are in need of some serious funding. We are in discussions with some investors. All I can say that to sustain in the market we have to generate some good funds. These funds will be used in setting up the new manufacturing units, testing labs and in the updates of the products.

For the growth, all I can say that we have few projects to be launched in 2019 by Aurdinate Global mostly in the solar energy and electric vehicle sectors. If things go in the way we have planned, by 2021, Aurdinate Global Group will become a family of 100+ dedicated employees.

06. Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

I belong to the energy sector, as much it sounds fascinating from outside, from inside it’s a jungle, ruled by well experienced and well-funded people. People with 30+ years of experience and network around the globe.

Opportunities are great but the only and the biggest threat is that, if a startup launch a technology which is new and effective, those guys can easily process the same technology as they have all kind of resources.

Moreover, they have a very deep connection in the Government as well so getting the government projects becomes very tough. But if we see the brighter side, the same guys are now looking for startups like us to get their work done. If you can create a network of those guys, your path becomes a little easy. Networking is the key to success of any startup.

10. A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

Invest time in yourself, don’t let yourself get lost in this race. Life is very big and if you stick to the basics, you will never get lost. I follow the cricket legend Mr. Rahul David. He is the example of class, patience and the fact that how a person can rise above the success just by sticking to the basics. Moreover, if you can generate a habit of writing either journals or blogs or diary, nothing can work better than that. Writing helps us in many ways. It has helped me a lot, not just in the time when I was in depression but also in my professional life.

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