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Bada Business, Guinness World Record – Official Attempt Successful?

Vivek Bindra CEO founder of Bada Business has attempted for Guinness Book of World Record, the Vivek Bindra is about to take 4 hours of online business training, The last World Record was The largest online business seminar is 12,091 and was achieved by Glavbukh (Russia), in Moscow, Russia, on 16 September 2014.

This time it was on Vivek Bindra that during the lockdown his viewers will attend the online session till the end. It’s now only on Vivek Bindra but its also on the Indians to make this world record for INDIA during LOCKDOWN when the whole world’s economy is down at that time making world record is very challenging.

Bada Business provides Extensive Knowledge of the Different Business Strategies and Frameworks, which will Help Indian SME’s to Do Big Business or Become Bada Business. Bada Business is a One Stop Solution for all your Business Problems in the field of HR, Marketing, Sales, Technology, etc.

Speakers of this event:
Dr. Vevik Bindra (Founder CEO,
Mr. Paritosh Sharma (Vice President, Bada Business)
Mr. Sanjay Khathuria (Director of Bada Business)

  • Dr. Vivek Bindra is a Revolutionary Entrepreneur, an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, and a Business Coach.
  • Known for Creating Most Sought after Content on Leadership Development, which is Helping People across the Globe in achieving their Business Goals.

Owner of World’s Most Subscribed Entrepreneurship YouTube Channel. With 10.1 Million Active Subscribers on YouTube, he is one of the World’s Greatest Influencers. Known for Creating a Free Learning University on YouTube.

Bestowed with the Honorary Title of ‘Think Tank of Corporate Asia’ by World Leadership Federation, Dubai. Awarded the Best Leadership Trainer in Asia by Marshall Goldsmith at the World HRD Congress. Awarded with India’s Greatest Brands and Leaders – Pride of the Nation Award in a ceremonial function hosted by Price water house Coopers (PwC) Awarded the Best CEO Coach in India by Times of India – Speaking Tree. Awarded the Best Corporate Trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki Consecutively for Two Years in row.

Watch the Live Session now:

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