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Bhopal gas tragedy and Henry Kissinger’s controversial legacy of secretive dealings

The new passing of US diplomat and broken-down secretary of articulate Henry Kissinger has reignited discussions about his involvement in world affairs. Kissinger has left on the succor of a controversial legacy and one such episode hyperlinks the diplomat with what transpired in the wake of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy in India.

For the brand new know-how, the build to initiate to attain the tragedy is seemingly to be the internet series The Railway Men, which used to be launched on Netflix on November 18, 2023. It encapsulates the total tragedy that claimed hundreds of lives in the central articulate of Madhya Pradesh, whereas also leaving a long lasting tragic affect on generations to return.

The tragedy which took articulate on the intervening nights of December 2 and 3, 1984, used to be prompted by a lethal leak of methyl isocyanate gas from the Union Carbide manufacturing facility in Bhopal. It resulted in over 3,000 fatalities and affected higher than 100,000 people.

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Folks residing in the in vogue dwelling surrounding the manufacturing facility went by diagram of the horrors of respiratory illnesses, pores and skin burns and blindness. Many others reportedly died gasping for breath.

How is Kissinger linked with Bhopal gas tragedy?

The chairman of Union Carbide Warren Anderson used to be arrested, easiest to be therefore launched on bail. The Indian authorities pursued a explain for $3.3 billion in damages in opposition to Union Carbide in a Unique York district court docket.

Kissinger’s connection to Union Carbide turn out to be evident by diagram of his consulting firm Kissinger Buddies which took on Union Carbide as a consumer following the peril. The firm lobbied customarily on behalf of Union Carbide, taking part in lengthen ways and  prolonged objective battles.

In 1988, Kissinger backed an increased payout for the victims of the tragedy, if an out-of-the-court docket settlement used to be reached, reports acknowledged.

A revealing letter from Indian industrialist JRD Tata to then-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in Could perhaps well moreover 1988 extra uncovered Kissinger’s deep involvement in the compensation negotiations for the victims that “would successfully counter any attack or criticism”.

“Dr Henry Kissinger, who is a main member of the Committee and a legitimate friend of mine, is, as you can know, a specialist and adviser to many governments and big corporations, including Union Carbide in The united states. He urged me of their and his maintain self-discipline on the long lengthen in reaching an agreement on the amount of the compensation to be paid to the victims of the Bhopal peril,” Tata’s letter be taught.

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