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Bioflavonoids Used in Citrobioshield Effectively Control Coronavirus in ICU and Wards

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The fresh surge in COVID-19 cases has now confirmed that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is here and is expanding its footprints in India.

The study by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (I M Tech) proved the presence of Coronavirus in air samples in Covid-19 wards of hospitals.

Several other studies done earlier also proved the presence of other pathogenic airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi in ICU and wards.
SARS-CoV2 enters humans using ACE 2 (Angiotensin converting enzyme 2) receptors present in the nose and mouth. Inhibition or regulation of ACE2 receptors potentially be effective in the treatment of COVID-19.

Secretory IgA plays a crucial role in the immune defence of mucosal surfaces, the first point of entry of SARS-CoV-2.

IgA is in fact the most important immunoglobulin to fight infectious pathogen in respiratory system and digestive system at the point of pathogen entry. As an immune barrier, secretory IgA can neutralize SARS-CoV-2 before they reach and bind the epithelial cells.

Naturally available bioflavonoid compounds with high bioavailability and low cytotoxicity are the most efficient candidates to inhibit ACE2 receptors and boost IgA to prevent the entry of CoV-2 in to host cells, neutralize the virus and break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

Flavonoids were intensively investigated for having bioactivity beneficial to health, such as anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and immunomodulating properties.

Many of them showed significant antiviral responses in both in vitro and in vivo studies. Naringenin and hesperetin (flavanon), hesperidin (flavanonone glycoside), neohesperidin (flavone glycoside), nobiletin (O-methylation), are amongst natural ACE2 inhibitors.

Citrobioshield containing citrus bioflavonoids has been clinically tested and proven effective on Covid-19 patients, Coronavirus, bacteria and fungi.

Fogging / fumigation using a suitable antimicrobial will reduce the viral / bacterial / fungal loads in ICU and wards.

Hospitals use antimicrobials such as Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Hydrogen peroxide, Quaternary ammonium compounds, Chlorine compounds for fogging / fumigation to control infections. But these toxic and corrosive chemicals are not suitable for use in the presence of human beings. Hence, many hospitals where the patient turnover is high, do not do fogging / fumigation regularly. This is the reason for the increase in the Coronaviral load in ICU / ward and other critical areas.
Repeated exposure to increased Coronaviral loads resulted in increased death rate in healthcare personnel, especially the doctors.
'Citrobioshield Natural & Organic Antimicrobial' which contains citrus flavonoids has been found to be very useful to control the infections in ICU, ward, operation theatre etc without shifting the patients. Its safety and efficacy have already been tested in various labs and hospitals. 'Citrobioshield' has also been clinically tested and proven effective on COVID-19 patients and Coronavirus as per ICMR guidelines.
Advantages of 'Citrobioshield' fogging: 1. No need to shift the patients from ICU during the procedure. 2. Effectively decreases the viral loads in the air and on the surface. 3. Inhalation of fog kills the viruses present in the nose, mouth and eyes and helps the patient to recover fast.  Thus, it can be used for both prevention and control of Coronavirus and other pathogens. 
As 'Citrobioshield' can be very safely used in hospitals and other places to control Coronavirus, we suggest the government and private hospitals to use 'Citrobioshield' fogging / fumigation to control COVID-19. 

Citrobioshield is manufactured by GermKill India Labs LLP (, Bengaluru.

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