BS Enterprises – Now feeding 200 families per day

ASANSOL: There are many families in Asansol where depend on daily wages, given the contractual nature of their work. The ongoing business crisis has affected them adversely leading to more than 1000 families as unemployment. The BS Enterprises aims to support such 200 families with at minimum ration for their families during the lockdown.

In the ration, it includes a minimum of 10 kg RICE,5 kg AATA, 1ltr oil, RAWA, 1 kg DAL, SALT, HALDI per family, distribution is taken care in every day for 200 families from 25th of march 2020.

Good hygiene food is right to every citizen and when there are many reports where in West Bengal the government Ration is not up to the standard, in the same situation the country needs this the corporates to come forward and help the people in need.

We must say the BS enterprise coming up as a hunger hero provides the right channels for compassionate citizens to begin and manage initiatives, that solve for hunger locally. Every day with our community and corporate partners to ensure that no families go to bed hungry. Whether it’s through door-to-door home delivery, or drive-through pick-up of food, water, and essentials.

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