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Charlie Munger’s sharp wit became Berkshire meetings into uproarious affairs. Right here’s a pattern

Charlie Munger at his book signing occasion Katherine Graham at Borsheim’s Jewellery store.

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Becoming a titan of trade does no longer require giving up your personality or humor, as Charlie Munger proved many cases in his long and winning lifestyles.

Munger, who died Tuesday at the age of Ninety 9, leaves at the aid of no longer upright an noteworthy profession as an investor however also a string of jokes and reports that entertained Berkshire Hathaway watchers for decades.

A form of the quotes beneath reach from annual meetings of Berkshire Hathaway and are chronicled in CNBC’s Warren Buffett archive. Those occasions — in most cases known as “Woodstock for Capitalists” — allowed Berkshire shareholders to quiz Buffett and Munger questions regarding the corporate. Moreover they gave the investing titans of endeavor to half knowledge and jokes, on the whole at their very be pleased expense.

Right here’s a series of just a few of Munger’s funniest quotes and lifestyles advice, starting with his musings on aging and the correct targets in your be pleased funeral.


“What you build no longer are intriguing to be is love the actual individual that, when they’d his funeral, the minister acknowledged ‘now would possibly maybe presumably maybe well be the time for any individual to enlighten one thing good regarding the deceased.’ And no one came ahead. And no one came ahead. He acknowledged ‘completely any individual can train one thing good to enlighten regarding the deceased.’ And no one came ahead. And at final one man came up and acknowledged, ‘Successfully, his brother became worse.'”

“In most cases after I am especially wistful, I judge ‘Oh, to be 90 but one more time.’

Munger became an brisk commentator on different investing issues till the tip, including more popular issues love cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. But just a few of his sayings fell someplace between the classes of overall trade and interior most lifestyles advice.


“Whenever you combine the arithmetic of the chain letter or the Ponzi plan with some reliable vogue love the enchancment of the discover, you are mixing one thing which is miserable or irrational or has defective consequences with one thing that has very appropriate consequences. But you know, within the occasion you combine raisins with turds, they’re mute turds.”


“You in particular are intriguing to manual crawl of grisly or critically irrational folk, in particular if they’re glowing members of the reverse intercourse. That would possibly maybe presumably maybe fracture up in a variety of wretchedness.”

Munger, who became a practicing attorney and hedge fund supervisor sooner than joining Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway, became on the whole self-deprecating when discussing his genuine success.


“Competency is a relative thought. … What I wished to discover ahead became to compete in opposition to idiots. And fortunately there is a glowing present.”


“Warren, if folk weren’t so on the whole imperfect we would no longer be so rich.”


“I did no longer intend to discover rich. I wished to discover honest. I upright overshot.”

Given his longevity and success, Munger became on the whole requested questions about reside a truly contented and good lifestyles, regardless of genuine success. Over the years, Munger confirmed the flexibility to retort to that ask both sincerely and with a plod of humor.


“Lifestyles is bigger than being shrewd at passive wealth accumulation.”


“You build no longer trust a variety of envy, you build no longer trust a variety of resentment, you build no longer overspend your profits, you be pleased contented in spite of your troubles. You cope with reliable folk and likewise you attain what you are supposed to attain. And all these straightforward solutions work so effectively to manufacture your lifestyles better. And they’re so trite.”


“The principle rule of a truly contented lifestyles is low expectations.”


“That’s the come I obtained married. My wife lowered her expectations.”

The specter of death or illness did no longer take away his humor, as proven after Buffett became diagnosed with prostate most cancers.


“I doubtlessly trust more prostate most cancers than he does. I build no longer know because I build no longer allow them to take a look at for it.”

Munger’s appropriate humor carried on into the final three hundred and sixty five days of his lifestyles. In a single in all his final public appearances at the 2023 On each day foundation Journal shareholder assembly, Munger reflected on aging with his long-established mix of gleaming advice and sharp wit.

“I’m drinking this appropriate peanut brittle. That’s what you’ll want to attain within the occasion you’ll want to reside to be Ninety 9. I despise to advertise my be pleased product, however this is the key to longevity.”

“To date, I’ve had tons of decline, however I’m glowing shrewd regarding the come I cope with it. And to this level the consequences trust no longer been that defective in my historic age. Now, my intercourse lifestyles would possibly maybe presumably maybe well be a special subject.”

“I step out of my mattress this day and then sit down in my wheelchair. So I am paying some ticket for historic age. But I desire it to being dead. And at any time after I feel sad about being in a wheelchair, I judge effectively you know, Roosevelt ran the whole damn country for 12 years in a wheelchair. So I’m upright seeking to manufacture this wheelchair thing final so long as Roosevelt did.”

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