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CNN, MSNBC hosts fail to update viewers after promoting botched NPR memoir on SCOTUS feud

One of the most critical most critical ideal stars on CNN and MSNBC peddled the debunked account alleging Supreme Court docket Justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor had been feuding over masks. 

The liberal media went wild on Tuesday after NPR published a memoir claiming that Sotomayor changed into working remotely on memoir of Gorsuch’s refusal to put on a masks despite all of the justices having been requested by Chief Justice John Roberts to construct so attributable to Sotomayor having diabetes, making her weak to COVID. 

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It wasn’t till later that Gorsuch and Sotomayor issued a joint assertion declaring the memoir “flawed,” which changed into followed by every other assertion from Roberts also debunking the memoir.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and “Deadline: White Dwelling” equipped updates to their viewers with the three justices’ statements on Thursday after they first and critical ran with NPR’s memoir.

CNN anchor John King, who did not previously memoir on NPR’s memoir, reported on the statements rebuking NPR.


Nonetheless, neither King’s CNN colleagues in the morning nor primetime beget equipped any update to their viewers, consistent with Grabien transcripts. MSNBC’s Reid and Hayes similarly beget shunned any coverage of the fabricated controversy since Tuesday. 

CNN nor MSNBC without lengthen spoke back to Fox Files’ requests for commentary. 

Meanwhile, Fox Files’ Shannon Bream bother the memoir straight ahead of the justices, performing on Tuesday’s “Special Tale” and asserting that NPR changed into “not proper,” consistent with a source, adding there changed into never a query by Roberts for everybody to put on masks, Sotomayor never made this kind of query to Gorsuch and Gorsuch never refused to put on a masks. 

Supreme Court docket justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor issued a joint assertion calling an NPR memoir “flawed.” 

NPR time and all every other time defended its memoir each and each after the Gorsuch-Sotomayor assertion and the Roberts assertion, telling Fox Files it changed into standing by Totenberg’s memoir. 

Totenberg doubled down on her reporting, writing in a be aware-up article, “What is incontrovertible is that every the justices beget staunch now started sporting masks—as a replace of Gorsuch. Meanwhile, Justice Sotomayor has stayed out of the court. As a replacement, she has participated remotely in the court docket’s arguments and the justices’ weekly convention, where they discuss the instances and vote on them.”

NPR public editor Kelly McBride admitted on Thursday that Totenberg’s memoir “merits clarification,” asserting her use of the phrase “requested” when reporting that Roberts had requested his colleagues to put on masks changed into “misleading,” asserting that the phrase “suggesting” would were extra proper. 


The ragged NPR journalist brushed aside McBride’s criticism herself in an interview with the Day-after-day Beast. 

“She will write any goddamn thing she desires, whether or not I specialise in it’s proper … she’s not clarifying something,” Totenberg said. “I haven’t even checked out it, and I don’t care to search out at it because I memoir to the guidelines division, she does not memoir to the guidelines division.”

Totenberg did not without lengthen acknowledge to a query for commentary from Fox Files Digital. 

Fox Files’ Brian Flood contributed to this memoir. 

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