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Kanodia group funded Startup Quizbee – B2C gaming platform

Quizbee is a new B2C gaming platform. Funded by the Kanodia group, Quizbee is a single destination of casual challenges that provides a knowledge-based unparalleled gamified experience to its users.

Uttar Pradesh, October 27, 2021:We all enjoy playing games since it is one of the most engaging forms of entertainment and recreation. The game obsession in India has been on the rise, whether it’s Candy Crush or PUB-G. The gaming industry was one notable sector that was virtually unaffected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The pandemic lockdown boosted this sector since individuals were obliged to stay at home and engage in certain recreational activities. According to a poll, internet mobile gaming traffic in India increased by 30% over this time period. In addition, Quizbee claimed a 500 percent rise in users of their online game platform.

Quizbee is a new business-to-consumer (B2C) game platform. Quizbee, which is backed by the Kanodia group, is a one-stop shop for casual tasks that offers consumers an unrivalled knowledge-based gamified experience. It provides players with an immersive experience in which they may engage in quizzes and other theme-based tasks for the opportunity to earn real money. Quizbee is a competitive smartphone platform that offers several paid challenges based on thousands of quiz questions and trivia from a variety of genres, including movies, cricket, travel, food, general knowledge, and puzzles. By participating in challenges on a regular basis, users may win thrilling big rewards valued up to Rs 1 lakh.

“We’ve seen active involvement from people all throughout India, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas. Users in Uttar Pradesh, for example, are winning a lot of money by playing instructional quiz games. Many competitors have won cash prizes of Rs 25000 in a month. According to Mr. Amit Khaitan, CEO of Intelligence Game Pvt. Ltd., “We are also launching new game forms to encourage further involvement of the gamers.”

Kanodia Group, a major participant in the cement business, has invested in Quizbee with the goal of creating jobs and breaking into the online game market. Mr. Vishal Kanodia, MD, Kanodia Group, said the “Quiz bees’ team did a fantastic job in bringing the application to life in such a short time.” They’ve created an app that has the potential to become India’s largest real-money social gaming community. Quizbee has created a pleasant, safe environment in which friends, family, and students may play and learn together. It allows users to learn new things while having fun. Kanodia group has always encouraged start-ups like Quizbee and generated employment opportunities for talented and skillful people.”

The Indian gambling business, according to research, is presently rising at a breakneck speed. With a 28 percent growth rate in the first quarter of the calendar year 2021, India dominated gaming app downloads. According to a Statista study, the gaming business will rise to a size of Rs. 90 billion in 2020, up from Rs. 62 billion in 2019, an increase of over 45 percent. The 1.7X increase in unique user count from July 2020 to April 2021 has also disproved the notion that gaming is merely another fad.

About Quizbee

Intelligence Gaming Pvt. Ltd.’s initial product is Quizbee. Intelligence gaming was founded with the goal of developing mobile games that may assist gamify the education sector and ensure that players not only have fun while learning but also obtain measurable results. We want to design additional games with a competitive framework like this so that those who want to enhance their knowledge may have fun while doing so.

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