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Empowerment Takes Center Stage as Canasu Dream Foundation Launches EmpowHER Mentoring Program on India’s Independence Day

Bangalore, India – August 15, 2023: In a momentous event coinciding with India’s 76th Independence Day, the Canasu Dream Foundation, a prominent NGO headquartered in Bangalore, unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at advancing the cause of women’s empowerment. The organization, known for its tireless efforts in uplifting women and young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, introduced the EmpowHER mentoring program to a captivated audience.

For the past half-decade, the Canasu Dream Foundation has been a beacon of hope for the women of Karnataka’s marginalized communities. The organization’s journey, which began with a modest initiative to empower eight women in the Whitefield area of Bangalore, has evolved into a formidable catalyst for positive change. The foundation’s unwavering commitment to fostering both financial and social independence has culminated in the launch of the EmpowHER program.

The EmpowHER mentoring program, unveiled amid a prestigious gathering of mentors, mentees, advisors, and influential figures from the social sector, marks a visionary stride toward equipping college-bound young women with the tools they need to thrive in the professional world. This pioneering initiative is set to connect nearly 8000 young women enrolled in colleges across Karnataka with experienced and dedicated mentors, creating a platform for skill development and personal growth.

MD Pallavi
MD Pallavi

A highlight of the launch event was a compelling panel discussion featuring MD Pallavi, a renowned singer, filmmaker, and artist. Pallavi shared deeply personal insights into her journey, underscoring the transformative influence of mentoring relationships. She emphasized how mentors provide invaluable guidance, validation, and direction during challenging times.

Poonam Gupta, a distinguished Leadership and HR Coach, and Sasha K., a Senior Corporate Leader, contributed their expert perspectives to the discussion. Both emphasized the critical importance of cultivating an environment conducive to meaningful mentor-mentee interactions. They highlighted that while the initiative places mentees at the forefront, it is equally vital to create an atmosphere that emboldens them to engage with mentors confidently. Additionally, the speakers stressed the pivotal role that educational institutions play in normalizing the culture of mentoring.

Looking ahead, the EmpowHER mentoring program is gearing up for full-scale implementation in the forthcoming months, further solidifying the Canasu Dream Foundation’s commitment to nurturing empowerment, inclusivity, and self-sufficiency among young women in Karnataka.

About Canasu Dream Foundation: Canasu Dream Foundation is a distinguished non-profit organization headquartered in Bangalore, India, with a resolute focus on empowering women and young girls throughout Karnataka. Pioneering innovative solutions to uplift marginalized communities, the foundation has consistently championed financial and social independence. The launch of the EmpowHER mentoring program is the latest testament to the organization’s dedication, aimed at equipping college-bound girls with the skills essential for realizing their potential.

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