Facebook removed 78,000 accounts, 37,000 groups, pages and events for Violation of Privacy

Facebook removed more than 78,000 profiles between August 2020 and January 12 2021 that violated its terms of service for posting content related to militarized social movements. The company, which owns Instagram, has also removed content related to QAnon, a militarising social movement. Since August, Facebook has identified more than 890 “militarized” social groups and movements and removed more than 37,500 groups, pages, events and events.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory about an anonymous Internet person called “Q” who claims that President Trump is plotting against the United States and the US government on behalf of the Illuminati. It started on the 4chan web forum and has since gained more attention on Facebook. A Facebook spokesman told FOX Business that enforcement has been stepped up to identify “militarized social movements,” a new term associated with Q anon, and how people try to circumvent detection, including using Facebook profiles to organize and promote movements and groups through the platform.

We will continue to consult with experts on the strategy and identify and remove content accordingly, “the spokesman added. The group is working continuously to prevent enforcement and we will continue to investigate how the group is developing to ensure people’s safety.

Two employees involved in the effort told the New York Times that Facebook began deleting accounts related to QAnon in May. In October, the company introduced restrictions on content related to its theory of militarizing the social movement. We see a growing movement that does not directly organize violence but celebrates acts of violence and displays an individual or follower pattern of violence that has individual followers with a pattern of violence and signals interest in the use or possession of firearms, “Facebook said in an August statement.

In October, Facebook said: ‘We are enforcing our policies and investigating their impact on the platform and have seen several issues that led to today’s update. Facebook cited QAnon content that celebrated or promoted violence, as well as content associated with various forms of real harm, including certain groups that sparked wildfires on the West Coast to divert the attention of local officials from fighting the fires rather than protecting the public.

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