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France gives Germany 4 Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft

Germany- Recently, the news is in the air that the French Armed Forces Ministry has offered four Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft. 

They proposed Breguet Atlantic 2 aircraft to fill an emerging gap in the anti-submarine capabilities of the German navy, as Berlin is attracted to aircraft modernization. 

One of the defense spokespeople wrote in a mail to the media persons- “Depending on Germany’s needs, the four planes could be sold once the update to Standard 6 will be taken in charge by Germany”. 

It also states that – “The four planes will be at the latest aircraft standard which successfully passed the initial operational capability milestone of the French navy in 2020, with a range of high-tech equipment for maritime patrol missions,” the email read. “It includes training and maintenance.”

While inquiring about the agreement, the department refused to disclose the price of the offer. And said guns and countermeasures would be “dealt with in a second stage”. 

The main goal of the offer is to keep Germany well connected to the future Maritime Airborne Warfare system. The system they will jointly develop for Feilding around 2035. But the German Sea Service needs new and advanced planes for the coming years and probably 2025. Currently, the P-3 Orion fleet should reach the end of its useful life and development. 

To this day, defense officials continue to think and analyze the need to decide which airplane they plan to propose to legislators for additional funding in the next decade. According to one spokesperson, a decision had to be taken before Parliament’s summer break at the end of June. but it will be completed shortly. 

Meanwhile, the French authorities and ministry say that the Atlantic 2 offer is “based on operational cooperation”. It will also include continuing the necessary negotiations between the two navies and the Directorate of Civil Defence. Meanwhile, a German spokesperson raised questions about the viability of France’s offer to the Ministry of Defense in Berlin, Germany. 

Andreas Krause, former commander of the German Navy Adm. who retired in late March this year, has advocated for purchasing American-made P-8 Poseidon aircraft as an interim solution, citing on Twitter a mid-March Defense News Story about Pentagon clearance for a Posedian sale. 

Finally, the new head, the assistant deputy minister. Kay-Achim Schonbach has not talked much about the issue, yet to say her point of view.

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