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Ganesh Chaturthi 2021

No one can stay calm. It is the birthday celebration of Lord Ganesha – Son of Lord Shiva and Devi  Parvati.As per the Hindu calender Lord  was born on Shukla Chaturthi during Bhadapradha(August – September)

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Lord Ganesha is being worshipped before starting anything new – he is considered as the Lord Of New Beginnings,  gets peace and harmony and majorly believed that he is remover of Obstacles and so he is also called as Lord Vinayaka, so before starting any new work people worship him.

The ritual begins with Pran Pratishtha – bringing the idol of Lord Ganesha made out of clay at home or at the temple and worshipping him from 1 to 10 days with a lot of Joy and Respect and on the 11th day sending him back to his abode ( Mountain Kailash) – the idol is carried in public procession with musics and chanting mantras later it is immersed into some water body like River or Sea and this process is referred to as Ganesh or Ganapti Visarjan – “Ganapati Bapa Morya” “pudhchya warshi lavkar ya.”

This year the most auspicious timing for Puja is 11:03 am to 1:33 pm on Friday.

Many people fast and some are eager to eat the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha – Modak prepared usually out of coconut and Jaggery.

This festival is particularly popular in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka.It is not limited to three states but is practised in other parts of the country and in foreign countries as well.

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