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How Amazon is expanding its services?

According to the report, Amazon is now on the verge of expanding its delivery as people dropped off groceries inside the garage. On Tuesday, the company announced that the services are now available which more than 5,000 cities is as per the U.S. Till now, some of the Prime members will be getting Amazon Fresh orders and Whole Food deliveries delivered in their garage. But the only thing is that this service is available for Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle areas.

Well, the offering part is the Amazon Key, the company’s array of services that permits the delivery drivers in leaving the packages in the garage, homes, cars, and businesses. 

Moreover, the consumers are now purchasing the additional hardware for getting the packages as well as the groceries dropped inside their residence or garage. Well, the in-home delivery needs a smart lock as well as a camera and on the other hand, in-garage delivery needs a smart garage door opener.

Now, Amazon has also pitched these services to Prime members for keeping their groceries or packages safe from the weather, theft, and damages. Even the services have also raised concerns about the prospects for giving strangers access to your garage or home.

On the other hand, it is found that the other retailers also have experimented with the model like the Walmart that is in January, which started testing grocery deliveries for the smart cooler on or near the shopper’s doorsteps.

Currently, Amazon is busy expanding its in-garage grocery delivery because of the coronavirus pandemic which has pushed more consumers towards trying out ordering food as well as groceries online. Well, the company’s online grocery sales have now tripled over the year which is in the second quarter of the year 2020 and now it continued to improve in the second half of the last year.

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