In historical first, ladies folk officers commissioned into Indian Navy’s Regiment of Artillery

In a historical first, the Indian Navy commissioned 5 ladies folk officers to its Regiment of Artillery.

The Regiment of Artillery is the 2d largest arm that constitutes a formidable operational arm of the Indian Navy. The firepower of Artillery with its missiles, weapons, mortars, rocket launchers and unmanned aerial autos packs a lethal punch and certainly makes it an ‘Arm of Resolution’, as per Indian Navy.

After efficiently ending their coaching at the Officers Coaching Academy (OTA) in Chennai on Saturday, the female officers joined the Regiment of Artillery.

Lt. Mehak Saini, Lt. Aditi Yadav, Lt. Sakshi Dubey and Lt. Pious Mudgil are the female officers who joined the Regiment of Artillery.

The female officers will doubtless be assigned to varied artillery models where they might accumulate the mandatory coaching and ride to operate SATA (Surveillance, Aim Acquisition, and Rocket) and other instruments under hard cases.

Three of the 5 female officers are assigned to forces stationed finish to northern borders, while the opposite two are dispatched to hard regions in the Western Theatre.

Lt Mehak Saini is commissioned right into a SATA Regiment. Lt Sakshi Dubey & Lt Aditi Yadav are commissioned into Field Regiments, Lt Pious Mudgil is commissioned right into a Medium Regiment and Lt Akanksha is commissioned right into a Rocket Regiment.

In an announcement, the Indian Navy renowned that the event became a essential turning level for the force’s ladies folk officers, “who had been breaking obstacles to support their nation with valour and distinction.”

Per the Navy, the 5 Girls folk Officers (WOs) who’re being commissioned can agree with accumulate entry to to the identical possibilities and challenges as their male counterparts. On the side of the WOs, 19 extra males had been commissioned into the regiment.

On the commissioning ceremony the younger ladies folk cadets took the oath of allegiance to the structure and received their unsuitable insignia.

Senior militia leaders, including Lt. Gen. Adosh Kumar, Colonel Commandant, and Director Overall of Artillery (Designate), apart from dignitaries and the jubilant families of the newly commissioned officers, had been present at the tournament.

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Per the sources cited by PTI records company, of the 5 female officers, three are assigned to models stationed finish to China’s borders while the opposite two are positioned in “annoying locations” finish to Pakistan’s border.

The commissioning of ladies folk officers into the Regiment of Artillery is evidence of the Indian Navy’s progressive pattern. Gen Manoj Pande, the Chief of Navy Group, made the resolution to price female officers into artillery models public in January. Later, the authorities agreed to the proposal.


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