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India, US Agree To Work Constructively To Solve Key Bilateral Trade Issues

WASHINGTON: Recently, Joe Biden’s administration has stated that India and the United States have agreed to work constructively, and give all power to resolve the key bilateral trade issues. They will adopt a comprehensive look at ways to extend the trade relationship. 

A maiden call was initiated between United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai. She discussed the vital trade and investment relationship between the two countries with her Indian counterpart Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal. 

On Thursday, the USTR (United States Trade Representative) presented more clarification on the matter and said- “They committed to growing cooperation on shared and to revitalize engagement via US-India Trade Policy Forum. Both nations also showed mutual understanding to resolve key outstanding bilateral trade issues, and to take a comprehension look at ways to expand the trade relationship in the long run”. 

Moreover, Tai, who was approved by the Senate only a few days earlier, accentuated the critical value of cooperation on a broad set of issues, including intellectual policy, trade policy, agriculture, climate, labor, and environmental issues. The move towards co-working to achieve desired results for both nations will make a larger impact than working individually. The ongoing tensions, whether it’s economic or climate change, all of these are asking for high attention and work. 

Lastly, Tai and Mr Goyal agreed to hold the next minister-level meeting of the Trade Policy Forum by 2021, at any feasible time, said by USTR. 

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