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Indian singers Lope over Pooja, Babbu Maan’s Fb pages hacked to impersonate Meta and Google

A necessity of verified pages on Fb with blue checkmarks were impersonating none as antagonistic to Meta and Google.

The verified Fb pages seem to were hacked, with their page name and Fb URL changed within the previous week, Mashable reported.

A couple of of these pages had hundreds of hundreds of followers. They additionally demonstrate a blue verification badge stating “Fb confirmed this profile is reliable”.

The most touching on ingredient of such impersonation is that every hacked page became authorized to bustle commercials across Fb’s community and every body appears to be like to were doing so, the Mashable story added.

Up to now, it stays unclear trusty how far reaching these rip-off commercials went and what number of Fb users have doubtlessly fallen sufferer.

Indian singers Lope over Pooja, Babbu Maan’s Fb pages centered by hacks

Per Mashable, a in point of fact worthy hacked page appears to be like to have belonged to Lope over Pooja, a noteworthy singer in India.

The page has over 7 million followers. On April 29, the page name became changed to “Google AI.” The URL became additionally changed to “” that ran Fb commercials leading to a page impersonating as Google.

Instead of Lope over Pooja, Indian singer Babbu Maan’s Fb page additionally appears to be like to were hacked. With 3 million followers, Maan’s page became changed to ‘Meta Commercials, which additionally ran Fb commercials equivalent to spurious Google page.

At the time of submitting this story, the Fb pages that as soon as belonged to Lope over Pooja and Babbu Maan, were now not publicly accessible, and seem to were far off from the platform.

Lope over Pooja and Babbu Maan are considerable for their acclaimed singing acumen, mostly in and around the Indian and Pakistani states of Punjab and the gigantic South Asian diaspora settled around the world. While Pooja has been identified for breaking the fortress within the male-dominated Punjabi pop scene, Maan has persevered to elevate his fan-terrifying trusty earlier than the crash of day of cell net took over the pattern of tune video cassettes within the world’s fifth very finest economy.

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The most contemporary hacks demonstrate how scammers can take over an present verified page to trick users.

Fb now tracks and publicly displays a historical previous of name changes for verified accounts. The characteristic has been hailed as a welcome bit of transparency nonetheless the safeguard silent would now not seem satisfactory to flag some glaring scams.


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