Iran and China ties bypassing the US

Iran and China have become military and economic partners by disregarding United States interests. It will lead to investments of a great amount of Chinese capital in Iran. The common sectors in Iran, where there is a possibility of flourishing are banking, telecommunication, ports, railways.

In return, China would get an upright heavy discount on oil supply from Iran for the next 25 years. The 18 pages proposed agreement between both countries describes joint training, exercises, weapons development, and intelligence sharing. All these efforts are translated to fight terrorism, cross border crimes, human and drug trafficking.

In 2016, when China’s President Xi Jinping visited Iran, there was a proposal for a partnership with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani. Although the agreement is still pending as Iran’s parliament is unclear about its share to China, but the discussions regarding the final agreement are stirred up from officials of both the countries.

This final agreement could prove as fuel into the fire for the relations between the US and China. It is a complete bypass of the Trump administrative interests and agitation amidst the tensions between Iran and the US.

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