Janitri receives $1.1 million in pre-Series A funding from iAngels with help from India Accelerator.

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With the support of intensive R&D, Janitri, a firm dedicated to the careful examination of mother and child’s health, has created precise foetal and maternal monitoring equipment and software.

With the aid of our unique technology, hospitals and clinics may better care for pregnant mothers and their infants thanks to our fetal-maternal remote monitoring system. We can assist identify potential issues early and give the necessary support to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery by remotely monitoring vital signs and other data. Simply put, Janitri provides cutting-edge wearables and solutions for tracking the vital signs of labour and pregnancy.

An accelerator programme for entrepreneurs in the seed stage called India Accelerator helps them progress from GOOD to GREAT. It’s a structured programme that can put all of the essential components for a company under one roof, including the capital, network, technology, and the ancillary services (like legal, financial, etc.). Mentorship is one of the most important building blocks for a startup. This mentorship-driven programme is the ONLY one in India that is associated with GAN.

The MedTech company Janitri, which specialises in pregnancy monitoring, recently made an investment of $1.1 million in pre-Series A fundraising led by iAngels and backed by India Accelerator. Other illustrious investors included in the financing round included Ashish Kacholia, C-camp, Namita Thapar, O2 angels, and IKP. During their most recent round, Janitri received funding from the Singapore-based Pureland Venture firm.

Innovative wearables and AI-enabled solutions for tracking the vital signs of birth and pregnancy are offered by Janitri, a business founded in 2016. With the funding it has obtained, it plans to broaden the scope of the hospital and clinic products it already offers and provide support for a quick switch to home monitoring. A further goal of the MedTech startup is to have obtained international regulatory clearances by 2024.

The founder of Janitri, Arun Agarwal, issued the following statement: “I would want to thank everyone for your support and for coming along on this adventure with us. To ensure that no mother or kid dies or suffers from issues that last a lifetime during pregnancy, labour, or the postpartum period, this area (maternal & child healthcare, medical device) needs a lot of attention, financing, and awareness.

In a statement, Mona Singh, Co-Founder of India Accelerator, said: “Pregnancy is thrilling, but the trip is also full with anxiety and a number of crucial components. Pregnant women find it more simpler to manage their pregnancies using Janitri’s devices because they are small and portable. We are confident that Janitri’s product offerings, which work to ensure healthy pregnancies and deliveries, will alter the market dynamic and position it as a strong candidate for acquisition by key companies in the industry like Philips/GE/Siemens.

Remote monitoring, automatic interpretation, and patient comfort are all included in a state-of-the-art fetal-maternal monitoring system developed by Janitri. The intuitive system includes AI-enabled capabilities that allow automated alerts and alarms to be generated. It also provides clinicians with access to vital patient health data and graphs that can help them avoid problems.

The product development at Janitri has taken into account home and in-transit monitoring in addition to any kind of healthcare setting.

Based on clinical research and patented technology, Janitri has developed portable, user-friendly software and foetal monitoring equipment for hospitals. It provides digital labour monitoring tools, remote data monitoring, the generation of digital case sheets, a nurse’s application, and remote patient data access for a stress-free pregnancy.

Mother and new-born deaths and difficulties during and after pregnancy are still a major concern, and they have an influence on the entire society, according to Namita Thapar, one of Janitri’s investors from Shark Tank India Using wearable and AI-enabled fetal-maternal vitals monitoring technologies, Janitri is addressing a portion of the issue and preventing this mortality and morbidity. It is worthwhile to invest even if only one life is saved. Smart, motivated, and filled with a clear sense of purpose, Arun is a wonderful entrepreneur. To be a part of his path excites me.

Furthermore, Janitri’s thorough pregnancy tracking app and home monitoring gadgets keep track of vital signs and eliminate uncertainty from pregnancy. According to Namita Thapar, one of Janitri’s Shark Tank India investors, mother and new-born deaths and challenges during and after pregnancy are still a serious worry and have an impact on the entire society. A portion of the problem is being addressed and this mortality and morbidity is being prevented through Janitri’s wearable and AI-enabled fetal-maternal vitals monitoring devices. Even if only one life is saved, the investment will be worthwhile. Arun is a fantastic businessperson who is intelligent, driven, and filled with a clear sense of purpose. I’m excited to be a part of his journey.

Additionally, Janitri’s comprehensive pregnancy tracking app and home monitoring devices monitor vital signs and take the uncertainty out of pregnancy. It records foetal movement precisely and conveniently for both parents and medical professionals.

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