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Microsoft to Reopen Redmond Headquarters, Step Up In-Person Work Worldwide

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it would start reopening its headquarters offices most probably by next week, and deploying a hybrid workplace that brings back more employees around The world after a year and more of remote work during the Global pandemic. 

This step is one of the first formal reopening plans to be declared soon by big tech giants which have kept the majority of employees on remote work as it was feasible during 2020. 

Meanwhile to elaborate the whole matter one of the tech giants tweeted, which employs around some 160000 people worldwide- “our approach is data-driven and research packed”. 

The executive vice president Kurt DelBene said in a recent blog post that “as of today after over a year in which most Microsoft employees have worked remotely several of our work sites around the globe have reached a stage that meets or exceeds government requirements to accommodate more workers”. 

After the Global pandemic, the reports say currently Microsoft work sites in 21 countries have been able to add more workers in their facilities which represent around 20 percent of their global workforce population. 

Now it’s ready to reopen on March 29′ 2021. The shift will start at their Redmond, Washington, headquarters and other nearby campuses. 

It has been decided that not all the employees are being called to the office. As mentioned above they are going to follow the hybrid model which will allow you the flexibility of some employees to continue remotely while bringing some to the office when conditions permit fully. 

By putting more light on the work scenario the executive said that at each of our global worksites follow hybrid workplace model strikes a balance, offering limited additional services on campus for those who choose to return while supporting those who need to work remotely or feel more comfortable doing so. 

According to my opinion, Microsoft’s goal is to provide flexibility and allow their employees and team to work more efficiently and effectively in their own space and giving the full choice of coming to the office or working remotely. And making a better place to work keeping the main concern of viruses and related variants. 

They also said that we will be closely monitoring local health data for months and have determined that the campus can safely let employees work without any risk. 

Lastly, the company will adjust different levels of working by keeping in mind all the factors and numerous stages of getting back to office work. As the survey by the firm stated that around 54% of employees favored a soft open which gives people the option to spend a portion of time in the office and work with motivation. 

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