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Microsoft’s Initiative ‘Highway To A 100 Unicorns’ Helps Tier 2 Cities Startups To Scale

Microsoft is helping Tier 2 urban communities new companies with specialized assets by utilizing cloud administrations, venture deals groups, and systems administration with its accomplices to develop the new businesses all-inclusive. It is resolved to enable the nation’s imaginative new companies.

Through Microsoft’s new companies activity ‘Thruway To A 100 Unicorns,’ a broad worldwide program composed to help the startup environment at each progression to create and scale the new businesses, 54 new companies from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Telangana have been chosen.

‘Thruway to a 100 Unicorns’ works together with nearby governments to set up the startup environment in each territory of India. In coalition with the Telangana government, Microsoft as of late facilitated the fifth release of its effort program in Hyderabad. Telangana state has presented diverse persuasive projects for hatcheries and startup for boosting the startup biological system. Moreover, Telangana state has been titled as the ‘startup state.’

The direction and mentorship through innovation workshops of Microsoft on AI, Azure, and ML have profited more than 650 new companies. TiE, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, NASSCOM, Startup Grind, Headstart are among 75 environment pioneers who have effectively drawn in with trailblazers at each area alongside some famous business people, speculators, and national startup biological system administrators.

Microsoft for Startups is helping business visionaries for thriving through its bleeding edge innovation capability, a sharp spotlight on Microsoft for Startups, a creating accomplice biological system, and its endeavor support M12. The goliath is solely concentrating on engaging new businesses to open the wings and convert the new companies from showcase prepared to big business prepared.

Microsoft for Startups – MENA and SAARC, nation head Lathika Pai stated, the startup biological system broadly centers all through the metro center in India, while different states additionally put resources into their startup systems.

India Inc is planning to begin 100 unicorns by 2025, then again, Microsoft’s ‘Interstate to a 100 Unicorns’ is concentrating on feeding the new businesses at each progression and on supporting the state governments and on enabling startup biological system in level 2 urban communities.

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