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No Money For Concern meet: Guarantee that proposals for sanctions are now not vetoed extra than three conditions

The third edition of No Money for Concern (NMFT) convention in Unusual Delhi “recognised the main function played by UN Safety Council Resolutions in countering the probability from terrorism and its financing, through imposing sanctions against world terrorist entities.”

The resolutions adopted by the 1267 committee of the United Countries against fear entities ended in the freezing of assets, palms embargo and hotfoot ban against the sanctioned entities.

But how effective is the mechanism, given the adamance of some countries on explicit conditions?

“What we also deserve to discontinue is to lead to a situation in the UN Sanctions Committee the set up you can’t veto a proposal extra than three conditions,” Anil Wadhwa, Executive Council member of Unusual Delhi-primarily primarily based World Counter Terrorism Council, told WION, referring to the veto-wielding practices of 5 permanent UN Safety Council member states, together with China.

Beijing in the previous vetoed India’s proposals to blacklist Pakistan-primarily primarily based terrorists comparable to Jaish-e-Mohammed founder Masood Azhar, and extra honest currently, Lashkar-e-Taeba terrorist Shahid Mahmood. 

At No Money For Concern meet, India also called for listings and de-listings below the UN sanction regimes in an “purpose-manner, in response to evidence, and free from political concerns and duality of standards”.

The legwork to limit alternative of vetoes at UNSC

On 17th November, a day earlier than India’s High Minister Narendra Modi emphasised on a “uniform, unified and 0-tolerance manner” against terrorism while inaugurating the NMFT Conference, the United Countries Widespread Assembly heard renewed appeals for ‘substantive’ reforms in the UN Safety Council. Worldwide locations comparable to Italy, Luxembourg and Japan called for the limits on the usage of the veto by five permanent member countries. 

“The legwork for that (to limit the alternative of vetoes) has already started,” said Wadhwa, who served as Indian envoy to Italy, Poland and Lithuania, Thailand, and Oman in the previous. 

‘Huge gap’ on monitoring fear-financing through cryptocurrency, digital asset routes

The Unusual Delhi NMFT meet most ceaselessly is named upon the taking part states to get preventive measures, legislation and forward-looking out technological solutions to counter threats from digital assets and new financial instruments. 

“There are fully 60 countries who have in truth started monitoring cryptocurrencies. The comfort haven’t. There is a massive gap between the countries when it comes to fear-financing through such channels,” Wadhwa said. “There must be uniformity in monitoring non-banking financing of fear.”

NMFT meet and the Financial Action Job Power standards

The 93 countries and multilateral organisations that met in Unusual Delhi affirmed commitment to Paris-primarily primarily based FATF’s Anti Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism standards  in “selling the implementation” of the said standards.

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra, senior analysis fellow at Unusual Delhi-primarily primarily based Institute of Peace and Conflict Experiences, said that the FATF standards to list countries for facilitating terrorism put together a “quite a lot of different questions or tick the box” standards, together with, “the FATF list must be a dynamic list.”

“The classic thing that India could seemingly must aloof notify on is that an FATF itemizing needs to be a precept-primarily primarily based application from principles-primarily primarily based application which is precisely what it is correct now, a bear-the-guidelines principles-primarily primarily based application,”  Iyer-Mitra told WION.

In October 2022, the FATF took Pakistan off its “grey list” of countries below “enhanced monitoring” for facilitating fear-financing. The anti-terrorism financial watchdog reportedly welcomed what it called Pakistan’s “valuable development” in bettering fine and authorities mechanisms to kind out fear financing. 

“In fact, it is precisely the elimination of Pakistan from FATF in response to a guidelines that India could seemingly must aloof expend for instance of the strategy in which it’s clearly now not working,” Iyer-Mitra said. 

Call for smartly-liked anti-terrorism standards

The ‘No Money For Concern’ meet also underlined that ‘opportunity for terrorist entities to determine on up admission to safe havens remains to be a valuable bother’, reflecting India’s indispensable counter-terrorism direct, supported and sponsored by Pakistan into Jammu and Kashmir. 

“Concern is fear and no political budge can interpret it”, says EAM Jaishankar at no money for fear meet in Delhi. Adds few states🇵🇰, “abet, improve & even interpret fear” & “international personnel must call them out”

— Sidhant Sibal (@sidhant) November 19, 2022


Specialists watch Unusual Delhi’s attempts to lead to a world consensus for a “uniform, unified and 0-tolerance manner” against terrorism as attempts that must translate into “punitive action against countries who in truth sponsor or shut an peer to terrorism”.

“If you discontinue now not plan smartly-liked standards and you would per chance seemingly also very correctly be continually talking about hideous-border terrorism – which is a euphemism for Pakistan – then that is something which is never taken severely after some time because countries originate as much as search a political angle in it,” Wadhwa said.

“But on the a spread of hand if every country is presupposed to make sure obligations, then it becomes natural that every person must oblige, even countries like China and Pakistan,” he said.


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