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Over 200 female athletes trained in water sports actions with a fair to signify India

Female athletes from the Kashmir Valley bear proven their mettle in assorted sports actions internationally. And now for the first time, Over 200 female athletes are being trained on the water sports actions center at some stage within the sphere-Significant Dal Lake to take part in tournaments across India and the sphere. 

While the temperatures in Srinagar had been recorded at minus 2.2 degrees, these female water sports actions athletes are no longer stopping their coaching. With freezing temperatures across the quandary, these ladies are coaching for hours daily on the Dal Lake. From rowing to Canoeing, these Kashmiri ladies are looking out out for to bring laurels for the country. 

In the final two years over 70 medals in assorted tournaments had been received by these female athletes. 

”If we discuss the final two or three years, there has been a huge extend within the number of female participations in water sports actions. There had been around 110 medals received by water sports actions athletes and over 50 p.c of these medals are taken by female athletes. Earlier, every person broken-down to instruct that water sports actions are no longer for ladies, It was once a no longer easy position for me additionally after I began. There is a revolution in ladies participation in Kashmir and quickly we can map these ladies’ a success medals in nationwide and international tournaments,” said Bilquis Mir, Director of Water Sports actions. 

Bilquis is without doubt one of the most topmost water sports actions athletes from the valley herself. She was once additionally a advance to a choice on the panel both on the Olympics apart from Asian games. She has represented Kashmir at Varied international tournaments and received dozens of medals. And now she no longer only trains but evokes Kashmiri ladies to grab up water sports actions as their occupation. She says Kashmiri ladies bear somewhat a few natural energy and can-attain wonders within the water sports actions. She is no longer only taking a admire on the metropolis but rural areas seeking the skills to be fragment of the sports actions. 

”It is iciness and minus temperatures and no subject that these ladies are coaching for hours daily on the lake. I the truth is bear trained over 200 female athletes, and I think there might maybe be so noteworthy skills particularly within the agricultural areas within the Kashmir quandary. There is natural energy within the ladies of the valley. We now bear a world class facility available in Kashmir. We’re blessed with natural water resources both wild and clean. Authorities has taken huge steps with regard to water sports actions,” said Bilquis Mir, Director Water Sports actions. 

The coaching continues day after day no subject the harsh climate prerequisites. Girls from every district of the Kashmir quandary are being trained at this facility. These ladies only hope to signify India on the Global championships and retract laurels for the country. 

”My first nationwide match was once in 2014 and we had been ready to retract a gold in that championship. And that was once after I definite that sports actions is going to be my precedence.  I the truth is bear performed somewhat a few National tournaments to this level and now I am focussed on Global championships. I relief your total ladies that sports actions are fat for us. We’ll ruin a occupation out of it so that we’re no longer counting on somebody. I am sure Kashmiri ladies will quickly signify India at Global stage. We now bear the one equipment and as a consequence of that we’re ready to study successfully,” said Sumaira Bashir, Athlete. 

And with such an extend within the preference of female sportswomen in water sports actions, more and more ladies are getting fascinated about becoming a member of the game. And nothing is stopping these ladies from coaching as the nationwide tournaments are drawing end. Most of these athletes bear additionally been supplied jobs below the sports actions category and adjusted within the water sports actions department. 

”I began my sports actions lope in 2014, since I are residing on the lake, I seen Bilquis Mam coaching right here. She once asked me to enroll within the sports actions and I said yes. I was once sitting at house, and I definite to enroll in and I am cosy I did. My dream is to play at international stage, and we’re practising very no longer easy. It is very frosty and temperatures are underneath zero but no subject that we’re coaching. We’ll no longer discontinuance coaching as nationals are drawing end. Girls are in each space, and I inquire young ladies to enroll within the water sports actions and I am additionally getting a job as a consequence of this, ” said Gape Mehak, Athlete. 

The water sports actions department is now the utilize of natural water our bodies across assorted districts of Kashmir quandary to put together the athletes. Lakes bask in Wular, Manasbal, Ranjeet Sagar and Dal Lake are being utilised for coaching the young water sports actions athletes. 

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