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Rare sighting: Black panther quietly enters home in Tamil Nadu’s Coonoor. WATCH

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WATCH: An IFS officer shared a video capturing a gloomy panther gradual walking in the entrance yard of a situation in Tamil Nadu.

An India IFS officer lately took to social media platform X to part a excellent video capturing a rare encounter with a gloomy panther in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris district. The video, recorded by a CCTV camera, showed he majestic presence of the elusive colossal cat roaming around the entrance yard of a condominium.

The 36-2d clip, shared on February 16, lickety-split gained traction, gathering over 1 lakh views and sparking a mixture of reactions amongst social media customers. While some expressed worry at the intimidating ogle of the gloomy panther reach human habitation, others found the encounter charming and shiny.

Leer the video right here:

Web reacts to strange visitor

Commentators on social media shared their apprehension and disbelief at the rare sighting, with some remarking on the customarily elusive nature of gloomy panthers in the wild. Many fanatics expressed envy at the condominium proprietor’s stroke of luck in witnessing this kind of rare and apprehension-intelligent ogle correct exterior their doorstep.

Known for their elusive behaviour and preference for great away, densely forested habitats, gloomy panthers are a image of stealth and mystery in the animal kingdom. Their sightings are regarded as exceedingly rare and are usually the subject of fascination and admiration amongst natural world fanatics.

“Bagheera making an are attempting to search out Mowgli,” wrote an X user. “So rare to learn about this gloomy panther!” added some other. “Imagine the shock of those folks, if there were any, in that home when this scene passed off. Or when they came to know about this from CCTV,” joined a third. “Such a elegance and upsetting as successfully,” wrote a fourth.

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