“Republic Media” Or “India Today” Who Is Responsible For TRP Scam

Mumbai police on Thursday claimed to have uncovered a brawl involving alleged manipulation of TRP ratings by paying people to watch Republic TV in order to generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. Mumbai police have sensationally claimed they manipulated the TRp ratings after a television report. The Mumbai Police Crime Division has broken up the racketeering of Republic Television (Republic) TV and its parent company Republic Media Ltd, said Thursday, saying it had “broken an extortion scheme involved in alleged manipulation that paid people to watch Republican television channels and attracted ad revenues worth crore.”

Singh said the Mumbai police force that uncovered the TRP blackmailer has arrested two senior officials from Republic TV and Republic Media Ltd for manipulating ratings. Singh said: “We have arrested the chief executive officer (CFO) and the head of the company’s business unit for conspiracy to manipulate ratings. Mumbai police investigating a TRP thug have arrested the chief executive officer (CEO) He said the Republican television president and a senior Republican media official, Republic TV, had manipulated the ratings.

Speaking to the media, he said: ‘Three private channels, including Republic TV, have found that they are manipulating the ratings,’ he said.

According to a report by India Today, the other two stations identified as Fast Marathi and Box Cinema were arrested for fraud. The owners of the two stations have been arrested, said the police commissioner, who will soon be questioned in the case of the TR-P fraud. Singh said: “Republic TV is also involved in the TRT extortion and the person responsible has been arrested as one of them is a director, promoter or any other employee of that station. According to the report, according to India Today, “Two more of these channels have been identified” Fast Marathas and “Box Cinema” and the owner of both is being arrested. I have no doubt that Republic TV was also involved in the extortion and we will arrest those responsible, “the police commissioner said.

The FIR filed, in this case, was obtained by Republic TV, which shows that she was named as one of the witnesses in an alleged extortion case by TRT against India Today. Commissioner Param Bir Singh told NDTV: ‘One of our witnesses today referred to India in this FIR. Mumbai police said an investigation was underway into the fraud against the owner of Fast Marathas and Box Cinema.

Arnab Goswami, the station’s editor-in-chief, said Mumbai’s police chief made false claims to Republic TV that he had been questioned by the broadcasters during the investigation into the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Singh told reporters that the national television station, which is facing corruption and money laundering charges in the TRP fraud case against him and his wife, was also involved in the extortion of TRT.

Arnab Goswami also dragged India Today into the fight, saying that the FIR, submitted by Hansa Research, had mentioned her name. Param Bir Singh made false claims to Republican TV that he was questioned by them during the investigation into the Sushant Singh Rajput case, “he said. India Today TV responded by saying that the investigation had not found any link between TRT’s alleged fraud and its parent company. The Indian Express, the country’s largest daily by circulation, reacted to the development.

Interestingly, India Today has gone into overdrive by trying to mock both Republic TV and Arnab Goswami. Those caught in the early days lying about the ratings, where they were mocked by RepublicTV, have now tried to mock them, too. Indeed, they have gone so far as to mock Arnab’s gooswami and India as a whole today.

In response to the sudden turn of events, dozens of netizens took to Twitter to berate Singh for pulling Republic TV and trolling India Today. In response to these sudden twists, one scored the goals of netizens who were taken to Twitter and slammed Singh for pulling Republic TV, score of Netizens Troll India today. In response to the sudden U-turn, many netizens took to Twitter and troll India Today to share their dismay.

India Today presenter Rahul Kanwal was one of the first to lead the charge when he released a statement on the alleged TRP scam. When it comes to naming and shaming the Republic Media Network, the senior journalists of India Today, who at one point were Arnab Goswami’s bosses, remain as they have been in recent months regarding the alleged role of their boss and his colleague Rahulkanwal in the TRT SCAM.

“Republic Media” Stand On TRP Scam

Mumbai police have made a sensational claim that TRP ratings were manipulated by them, according to the TRP television station. TV channel and made sensational allegations against her They are alleged to have manipulated the TRP rating. The television station was manipulated by Bombay Police and Maharashtra State Police in connection with a fake news story.

Mumbai police said Thursday they had uncovered a conspiracy against at least three channels, including Republic TV, and arrested four people, claiming the manipulated audience figures were crucial because they directly reflected in advertising revenue. The Commissioner has named three television channels, including Republic TV, which claims to have the highest TRP of all news channels. They were appointed by the Commissioner for their role in the scam.

At a press conference, Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh said that the manipulation of the TRP had allowed the channels to fraudulently increase the number of viewers and attract more advertising. At the press conference, he said it allowed them to “increase the audience and attract additional commercials.”

Amazingly, the FIR filed by Mumbai police against the TRP fraud did not name Republic TV or India Today. Goswami called it a “false claim and a desperate move” and reacted with bewilderment after RepublicTV accessed the first information report, which India has repeatedly cited today without mentioning Republic tv. On Thursday, a press conference was held at which it was claimed that the “TRP fraud” was being investigated, which was actually called “India Today,” but not republic television, as it was called in the first information report (FIR) against the country, without mentioning republic TV. They held a press conference on Thursday and claimed they were investigating “trapping scams.” On Thursday, press conferences had said that the “truck scam” was being investigated by them and the police.

A copy of the FIR in the TRP case named “India Today” as the station under investigation, but not Republic TV.

Mumbai police say three television stations, including Republic TV, are being investigated in the TRP fraud case. Television stations in India receive TRp ratings for their ratings from the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC). TRPs of the most – watched television stations of India, based on their ratings and ratings in terms of ratings.

Mumbai police said an investigation into the fraud case against Republic TV and three other television stations was underway. The city police claim to have detonated a “TRP tampering missile” involving at least three television station owners in Mumbai and two other cities in the country. City police have claimed they detonated a tampering missile belonging to TRp involving Republic Media’s chief executive officer, Atul Chaudhary, his wife and son-in-law. Mumbai police say they are investigating # We have blown up a “trap manipulation thug” involved in Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Bajrang Dal) bribery and money laundering case.

Arnab Goswami, owner of Republic TV, will soon be questioned in the case of TRP fraud, “he told reporters at a news conference. The man responsible for the extortion has been arrested, the police commissioner said, one of whom is the director, organizer and other employees of the station. The wife and son of Atul Chaudhary – son-in-law – who is alleged to be claimed by RepublicTV, will be summoned today and tomorrow, he told reporters at the news conference. Mumbai police say Republic TV is also being investigated for involvement in a “TRP extortion scheme.”

Mumbai’s police, who uncovered the TRP blackmailer, have arrested the station’s director, his wife and son – in – for “manipulating ratings and audience figures,” Singh said. He told reporters that the television station Republic TV – which has faced a wave of criticism in recent years for its coverage of the Maharashtra government – was also involved in a “false hunt.” He hit back, saying there was no evidence the station had been targeted for its “coverage” of the Maharashtra government.

However, he denied the allegations and said in a statement that the Mumbai police commissioner had made “false allegations against Republic TV” while being questioned by the broadcaster while investigating the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. He denied the allegations and said the broadcasters would bring libel charges against the police commissioners.

Here is Arnab’s full statement: 

“The Mumbai Police Commissioner has been completely and totally exposed. A copy of the FIR in the TRP case mentions India Today as the channel to be investigated. In fact, India Today has been mentioned multiple times in the FIR. There is not a single mention of the Republic TV. Now, the main witness in the case has also gone on record and named India Today as the English channel for which financial compensation was allegedly provided to gain viewership. The complaint against India Today was made on October 6. Param Bir Singh closes the investigation against India Today within 16 hours and does a press conference against Republic TV. Now, that the FIR is out and the critical witness is on record, and the Mumbai Police Commissioner has been caught red-handed. He must, in the interest of morality, quit.”


India Today presenter Rahul Kanwal was one of the first to lead the charge and make a statement about the alleged TRP fraud. Goswami launched an attack on Republic TV and the Mumbai police chief after he told a news conference on Thursday that Republic and two other stations were allegedly involved in a scam to manipulate television ratings. The police chief said the station had been targeted for its coverage of the Maharashtra government. He hit back, saying the Republic’s chief executive and chief operating officer (COO) were also involved in the blackmail.

Param Bir Singh attended a press conference to expose TRP’s fraud at the media station and named Republic TV as one of the television stations named in the alleged TRT fraud. On his show, titled “Republic TV’s Role in TR Ponzi Scheme in Mumbai,” host Rubika Liyaquat said RepublicTV had ignored the principles of journalism and called its stars and hosts “villains.”

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