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Rip-off alert for electricity bills: Leer out for WhatsApp messages that ask you to pay your bill

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 8 | Issue Month:August | Issue Year:2022

A brand recent diagram by hackers to trick people has been developed, and this time it comprises your electricity bill.

In most cities, the electricity board will ship out a message to subscribers reminding them to pay their electricity bills on time. Other folks maintain, on the other hand, currently reported receiving WhatsApp messages telling them to pay their electricity bill or their electricity connection will more than seemingly be suspended. Even a tech-savvy person will more than seemingly be persuaded by the message to pay suitable away without giving it a 2nd thought.

Per Twitter customers, the notification informing prospects to pay their electricity bill is mostly issued through SMS or WhatsApp.

A scammer-owned phone number would possibly perchance even be found in the message. The con artist convinces the person, who is frantically dialling the number, that they need to pay for the electricity or pain having their electricity decrease off. Most incidences of electricity scams had been recorded by con artists in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, and Odisha, among other cities.

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The message says, “Dear Client Your Electricity energy will more than seemingly be disconnected. Tonight at 9.30 pm from electricity assign of business. because your old month bill used to be no longer update. Please straight contact with our electricity officer 8260303942 Thank you.” It is despatched from a random phone number which doesn’t belong to any of the electricity boards. Now whereas you ogle clearly the message just isn’t any longer despatched by a licensed offer. Whenever you procure a message from convey the BSES Delhi, the phone number is changed by “BSES DL”.

The message’s exercise of language ought to raise one other warning signal. The sentences are incorrectly constructed. The writing is fundamentally chaotic all over. It is glaring that the message doesn’t adhere to lawful syntax. There are counterfeit full stops and a total lack of notion of capital letters and tiny-cap characters.

Other folks had been warned by the Maharashtra Cyber Cell to be wakeful about such mails that are delivered with the glaring goal of deceiving innocent people . Most folk which maintain the truth is forgotten to pay their electricity bill are seemingly to tumble for the message because it is worrisome.

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