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RIP Yahoo Answers: Will Shut Down Forever in May

One of the longest-grown, running, and storied web Q&a platforms in the tech history of the web or internet, is shutting down permanently on May 4th. 

The day will come soon when the Yahoo Answers website will start redirecting to the Yahoo homepage, and all of the platform’s archives will presumably cease to exist. The platform came into existence in 2005 but didn’t find that popularity or extensive usage among internet users. 

Currently, Yahoo is a part of Verizon Media Group. It was 2017 when the sale was held by Telecom for nearly $5 billion. And now it announced the change at the top of the Yahoo Answers Homepage soon. 

The declaration is linked to an FAQ, which details the date of the shutdown. Starting from April 20th, the platform will no longer be in use and won’t accept any new submissions, the FAQ states. 

Users will have the time till 30th June to request their data or it will be inaccessible after that, most probably you won’t be able to do anything from April 20th. This request involves “all user-generated content including your Questions list, Questions, Answers and any sport of media- stated by Yahoo, also “you won’t be able to download other users’ content”. 

To ensure a seamless process, a note has been sent to the active Yahoo Answers user members to offer a little more detail as to why Yahoo took this decision and more. The message also includes that “it has become less popular over the years” and that the company “decided to shift our resources away” from the product to “focus on products that better serve our members.”

Yahoo is one of the oldest tech firms in the internet world, connecting people all over the globe. It has a glorious history of shutting down huge pieces of itself, and now it’s here again. Back in 2009, it shut down Geocities, one of the largest repositories of Y2K-era internet culture, and then in 2011, Del.ic.ious was sold off, Flickr in 2018, and Yahoo Messenger in 2018. Later, in 2019, Yahoo groups were sent to digital Valhalla. 

Lastly, with constant shutdowns, and less popularity Verizon decided to stop it and come up with more feasible, and likable by the people, and something that fulfills users’ needs. 

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