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Taking painkiller Meftal callously? Indian authorities says it goes to cause adversarial reactions

The Indian Pharmacopoeia Price (IPC) has issued a drug safety alert regarding the Meftal painkiller, asserting the pill has adversarial reactions linked to its constituent, mefenamic acid. The alert particularly mentions the threat of drug reactions with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) syndrome.

Meftal, containing mefenamic acid, is regularly prescribed for a form of stipulations, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, dysmenorrhoea, relaxed to moderate effort, inflammation, fever, and dental effort.

DRESS syndrome is a severe hypersensitivity linked to certain medications, with symptoms corresponding to skin rash, fever, and lymphadenopathy performing between two and eight weeks after drug consumption.

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“Healthcare mavens, sufferers/consumers are urged to closely computer screen the chance of the above adversarial drug response (ADR) linked to the spend of the suspected drug,” in accordance with the alert, issued on November 30.

What’s the cautionary advice?

Healthcare mavens and sufferers are strongly urged to closely computer screen the chance of the talked about adversarial drug response linked to Meftal usage.

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“If this kind of response is encountered, other folks might maybe maybe restful file the topic to the nationwide coordination centre of the PvPI below the price by submitting a glean on the websites – – or by contrivance of android cellular app ADR PvPI and PvPI helpline number 1800-180-3024,” the unlock acknowledged.

The IPC urges vigilance for symptoms indicative of DRESS syndrome. In case such reactions are observed, folk are encouraged to promptly file the topic to the nationwide coordination centre of the PvPI. Reporting will also be executed by contrivance of the IPC’s reliable websites (, the android cellular app ADR PvPI, or the PvPI helpline number 1800-180-3024.

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