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The Requirements: Managing Up

April 18, 2022

Having a healthy, mutually precious relationship with your boss doesn’t require accommodating their every quirk, question, and weak point. There are respectful, optimistic techniques to meet in the heart, location boundaries, and assist them receive their targets whereas making your competence identified.

Amy G sits down with a girl who no longer too lengthy ago left retail for her first situation of business job and a fintech executive with a marketing background to focus on managing-up practices which receive helped them retain obvious, productive relationships with varied bosses across their careers.


Valerie is an operations supervisor at a law firm. She historical to work in retail.

Mita Mallick is the head of inclusion, equity, and impression at Carta, a fintech company. She historical to work in marketing. She co-hosts the podcast Brown Table Disclose.


HBR Info to Managing Up and Across, by Harvard Commerce Overview

• “Surroundings the Sage Straight on Managing Your Boss,” by Amy Gallo

• “The true technique to Give Your Boss Ideas,” by Amy Gallo

• “Coping with Your Incompetent Boss,” by Amy Gallo

• “When Being Critical Backfires,” by Mita Mallick

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