This Guy Deadlifted 500 Pounds Every Hour for twenty-four Hours

In a brand contemporary video on his YouTube channel, weightlifter and strength coach Dane Miller gadgets himself the physical field of performing a 500-pound deadlift. However he doesn’t proper want to assemble it once. Miller motion photographs himself over a total evening and day, with the plan of pulling 500 pounds every hour on the hour, totaling 24 deadlifts in 24 hours.

“I run to be the utilization of straps, mainly attributable to I don’t desire to chance blowing out a bicep or blowing out my thumb if I’m hook inspiring, and I don’t love not the utilization of straps when I deadlift,” he says. He also provides that he’ll be taking “mini-naps” in between every desire, and that he is abnormal to envision up on whether or not this disrupted sleep sample can have any form of affect on his efficiency within the lifts.

Miller begins out along with his first desire within the gym at 6 p.m., and manages it with relative ease. Then, after the 7 p.m. desire, he packs up his weights in listing to assemble the following couple of lifts at home so that he can utilize some time along with his family, before then returning to the gym for alternating lifts and catnaps. In listing to carry mobile and attend his recovery between lifts, Miller does reverse hypers, slice up squats, and uses a therapeutic massage gun on his hamstrings.

By the purpose the sun is up again and he is doing his morning lifts, Miller is feeling exhausted as a result of the inability of sleep. “I didn’t ponder it became once going to be this laborious,” he says. “The hardest to this point, outdoors of the rotten fatigue, is my hands. Even the utilization of straps, my hands are killing me… My hands harm, my soul hurts, my lend a hand hurts, my hamstrings are no doubt sore.”

Reach 5 p.m., Miller triumphantly completes the topic along with his 24th consecutive desire, and states that the experience has reaffirmed his perception within the importance of mobility, technique, and relaxation in weightlifting.

Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop tradition, relationships and LGBTQ+ considerations.

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