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Trump says he will be arrested Tuesday: calls for protest

Manhattan: President Donald Trump is facing yet another legal battle as he is set to be arrested on Tuesday. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, has alleged that the former President was involved in a hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during the 2016 Presidential election. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been leading an investigation into this alleged involvement and has convened a grand jury for the purpose of bringing about an arrest. On Tuesday, it is expected that President Donald Trump will be arrested in connection with the hush money payments. It remains unclear what consequences this will have for President Trump but many supporters are rallying behind him and calling on people to protest his arrest. This could be yet another scandalous chapter in the saga of President Donald Trump’s presidency but it remains to be seen what happens when Tuesday arrives and whether or not he will indeed face an arrest. 

Trump has recently stated that he believes he is likely to be indicted on Tuesday and has called on his supporters to protest the impending indictment. His attorneys have vehemently denied this, saying that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Trump. However, legal experts are divided on whether or not a possible indictment may be in the works, as New York Prosecutor Alvin Bragg continues to investigate Trump’s past activities. Trump’s attorney Alvin Rothman has argued that an arrest would be unconstitutional and highly unlikely given the limited chance of an indictment being issued against him by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. He also insists that any talk of an imminent arrest is simply a distraction from the other matters at hand and should be taken with a grain of salt. Other legal experts have suggested that though it is possible for Trump to face arrest in connection with his hush money payments, such action would require approval from a grand jury which could take time before any real progress can be made in this case.

In a shocking turn of events, former U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he will be arrested on Tuesday, sparking immediate calls for protest from his supporters.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in a rally held in his hometown of New York, Trump made the startling announcement, claiming that he is being targeted by a politically motivated witch hunt.

“I have been informed that I will be arrested tomorrow, on false charges,” Trump said, his voice rising above the roar of the crowd. “They are coming after me because they know that I am a threat to their corrupt system. But I will not be silenced! I will fight this with everything I have, and I call on all patriots to stand with me and defend our freedom!”

The news of Trump’s impending arrest has sent shockwaves across the country, with many wondering what charges he could be facing. While no official statement has been made by law enforcement authorities, speculation is rife that Trump could be indicted on a variety of charges, ranging from financial improprieties to incitement of violence.

The announcement has also sparked immediate calls for protest from Trump’s supporters, who have long been a vocal and passionate base for the former president. In the hours following the rally, social media was flooded with messages of support for Trump, with many urging fellow supporters to take to the streets to show their solidarity.

The potential for violence has also raised concerns, as many of Trump’s most fervent supporters have shown a willingness to resort to extreme measures in the past. Law enforcement authorities have already begun to prepare for potential unrest, with National Guard troops reportedly being deployed in several cities across the country.

It remains to be seen what will happen on Tuesday, but one thing is clear: the country is on edge as it waits to see what the future holds for one of the most polarizing figures in American politics.

President Donald Trump has said he will be arrested on Tuesday and called on his supporters to protest in response. This latest chaotic proclamation from the former President has put legal challenges confronting him in the spotlight once again. The New York prosecutor who is currently investigating Trump has not revealed what criminal charges might be brought against him but it is likely that any charges will relate to alleged hush money payments made to two women during the 2016 election campaign. It’s difficult to gauge how much truth there is in this latest pronouncement from Trump, but if it turns out there were any criminal activities involved then it could lead to further chaos and unrest among his followers. 

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