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What Will Be The Effect Of US Elections On Indian Economy?

US Election Day is on November 9, 2016, India is a campaign issue and how the US election might affect the Indian stock market in May. In the pre-election campaign in Lok Sabha in spring 2014, one of Narendra Modi’s more important promises was to fix the economy by returning illegal money allegedly stored abroad to India.

Trump and Indian Prime Minister Modi are known to have a friendly relationship, but analysts say Trump’s punitive policies have made the economic environment more controversial. His light-hearted attitude to India’s economic concerns has been underscored by the US president – by the tough rhetoric, the US has been using against India in recent months.

As a result, both Trump’s and Biden’s November victories will present opportunities and difficulties for the Indian government. With Donald Trump or Joe Biden, the person who wins the election will not only lead the US economy but will also be able to negotiate deals with other powerful economies. In any case, Biden’s policy announcements will have an impact on Indian stock markets for a long time to come. Only time will tell what impact Trump, Biden, and their respective policies have on the Indian economy.

The point to ponder is that the US survey result will have a profound impact on Indian stock markets in the coming days. Trump’s return to power was supposed to give Indian stock markets a boost and give India’s manufacturing sector a big boost. The dollar’s weakness will also have a positive impact on Indian stocks, as it results from the policy choices America has made to ensure a smooth election. India’s global stock market is likely to recover after the election, but only after some time.

If Joe Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election, it would mean Kashmir would emerge as a hot topic between India and the US. If we move from the US to India, both Biden and Trump would be responsible for a significant increase in foreign direct investment in India. The winning candidate will affect the Indian economy, affecting both domestic and foreign exchange markets, as well as the global economy.

Trump’s election strategists say there is speculation that his personal friendship with Modi is going down incredibly well with Indians – Americans – and that is because his election strategist did so, according to them. In India, where Modi is widely perceived as the strong leader India has long needed, his popularity will influence policy considerations for both Indians and Americans. By distracting attention from economic woes, the Modi government will be tempted to implement a series of controversial measures, such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST). New Delhi will not hesitate to take action, as there is broad support among Indian voters for it.

If Trump wins in November, he and Modi will have an opportunity to work together at the White House and work together on issues like trade, immigration, health care and immigration reform. If he wins in October, Modi, if he works with him, will behave similarly to the US president – elected on foreign policy.

Analysis of the possible impact of these elections by UBS shows that India will benefit from its three likely scenarios. In summary, three possible outcomes of the election can be summarized: Indian stock markets will rejoice at the prospect of a divided Congress and a Trump-Modi coalition in the White House. India’s stock market will rejoice at the possibility of a Trump victory in November, as well as a split in Congress.

So consider how the US stock market’s movement might affect it, unsettling Indians. For an emerging economy like India, trade with developed economies like the US can be a deceptive feeling, but the US economy presents few obstacles.

As for the stock market, it is difficult to say anything concrete about the likely impact of this election. The graph above shows that there would be a significant impact on US equity markets in the first half of 2016 and 2017.

Still, the prospect of Donald Trump taking power may be music to the ears of the Indian stock market, and that’s great news. Regardless of the outcome of the US election, analysts believe that progress on trade agreements will depend on the US securing the support of other countries, including China, India, Japan, South Korea, and China.

Analysts say the US election will also be a major factor in the outcome of the India-US bilateral trade agreement.

As the US enters the final stages of its presidential campaign, it is an opportune moment to reflect on whether the two presidential candidates can improve Indiana’s economic prospects as one of the world’s largest economies after India. The outcome of the US presidential election will undoubtedly affect our world, but the results of the November elections will also have a significant impact on the other side of the Atlantic. Indeed, the upcoming U, S election will be more important than any other election in recent years, and it could prove a turning point, not just for India, but for the world as a whole.

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