WHO report states animals are the source of COVID-19

After a joint analysis, WHO and China found that covid-19 virus transmission took place from bats to humans through another animal. This might be the most likely scenario and this lab leak is highly unlikely as per the draft copy acquired by the Associated Press.

Further, the findings are largely questioned and unanswered. However, the team proposed further research in all areas except the lab leak hypothesis.

According to the report which was released is repeatedly delayed due to the rising questions regarding whether the Chinese side is trying to twist the conclusions to prevent blame for the pandemic falling on China.  Moreover, the World Health Organization officials it is found in the late last week, it is expected that they will be ready to release “in next few days.”

On Monday, the Geneva-based diplomat from a WHO-member country AP received what appears to be a near-final version. It was not clear whether the report may still be changed before the release. However, the diplomat didn’t want to get identified as they are not authorized to release it before the publication.

In order of likelihood, the researchers have now listed four scenarios. However, they have concluded that the transmission that took place through the second animal was likely. They evaluated directly spread from bats to humans which is likely and mentioned through “cold-chain” food products as possible which were not likely.

However, the closest relative of the virus causes Covid-19 have been found in bats. As per the report, “the evolutionary distance between these bat viruses and SARS-CoV-2 which is estimated to be several decades, suggesting a missing link.”

It is mentioned that highly similar viruses were found in pangolins, this also noted which mink and cats are susceptible to the COVID virus that suggests that they might be carriers.

The WHO expert who led the Wuhan mission, Peter Ben Embarek mentioned on Friday that the report had been confirmed and was being fact-checked and interpreted.

He said, “I expect that in the next few days, that whole process will be completed and we will be able to release it publicly.”

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