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Workshop For Worldwide Students Empowerment

India’s largest Event on international education

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 11 | Issue Month:November | Issue Year:2021

The notable entrepreneur, Ritesh Watts is again in buzz due to his participation in the upcoming global event which is going to be held on 12th November, in Chandigarh, India. The event is for educational agents around the world and is in a form of the Annual Summit. Moreover, this is going to be India’s largest Event on international education and recruitment which also has support from several governments and reputed regulatory bodies. Agents and consultants from various countries are participating in this event including Ritesh Watts and who is the only ICCRC Member.

The event is backed with a comprehensive idea on student development, which is considered to be vital forthe future growth of both individuals and society. During this event, he will be giving an overview of the present needs of the educational industry. According to him, counselors are more focused on visas and processing, not on helping students to find the right career for them. The job of counselors is to deliver the right piece of career information to the students and help them build a bright future. Moreover, he believes that by guiding counselors, he is guiding thousands of students indirectly.

This event is going to be majorly beneficial for both students and institutions. With this guidance, students will get to know clear career pathways. Everything will be decided for them in terms of further education and job roles. And when students get benefited from the counselor’s services, it is going to benefit the institutions when they will take admissions. This is how the event will serve the main purpose of providing the right platform.

Moreover, in a country like India, counselors use traditional approaches to store information of students like excel sheets, word documents, etc. Ritesh Watts is going to acquaint the counselors with the available technological options which can optimize their work effectively. His primary role will be to train the counselors on how they can deliver information to target audience i.e. students through latest Artificial Integrated tools. In the long run, it is going to give a huge economical boost to the country through the entrepreneurial activities of counselors.

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