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Worn Afghan adviser to navy says US ‘handed every little thing over to the Taliban’

A worn Afghan adviser to the U.S. navy instructed Fox News on Monday that america “handed every little thing over to the Taliban,” asserting Afghanistan became “now no longer prepared” for the U.S. presence to be withdrawn. 

Ahmad Shah Mohibi, who on the age of 16 assisted the U.S. navy in entrance-line operations and later served as an adviser to the Boom Division and the Bureau of World Narcotics and Legislation Enforcement Affairs, instructed Fox News that the Afghan Safety Forces had been “prepared to battle” nonetheless that the atmosphere in Afghanistan became “now no longer prepared” to battle with out U.S. forces. 

“We correct delivered every little thing to the Taliban,” he mentioned. “We worked for 20 years. I fought, we had almost 3,000 American citizens die in that war, and spent trillions of greenbacks, and gave billions of greenbacks of aircraft to Afghans, and we beget got correct handed it in every single place in the set apart to the Taliban.” 

Mohibi, now a U.S. citizen, instructed Fox News that his family and associates are on the 2d in Afghanistan, making an try to leave the nation as the Taliban purchase withhold watch over.


Mohibi instructed Fox News that his father worked closely as an officer with the Northern Alliance to again U.S. special forces in the early 2000s to push support the Taliban. Mohibi instructed Fox News that his sister worked with USAID to again with the empowerment of Afghan ladies, and that his brother worked in secret carrier for the Afghan president. 

A Taliban fighter sits on the help of a car with a machine gun in entrance of the first gate main to the Afghan presidential palace, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. 
(AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

“It is loopy that within a night, every little thing changes,” he mentioned, noting that he had been working to bring his family to america. “I by no scheme knew that this form of part would occur and that the Biden administration would abandon these other folks.” 

He added: “I by no scheme imagined that within hours the Taliban would purchase over.” 

Carefully armed Taliban warring parties swept into Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul on Sunday after the government collapsed and the Afghani president fled the nation, signaling the tip of america’ 20-one year effort to rebuild the nation. 


The Taliban is pushing to restore the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the formal name of the nation beneath the Taliban rule ahead of the militants had been ousted by U.S-led forces in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, which had been orchestrated by Al Qaeda while it became being sheltered by the Taliban. 

Final week, even supposing, as the Taliban seized well-known provinces for the length of the nation, the Biden administration assessed that Kabul could well plunge to the Taliban within 90 days. A prior CIA assessment months ago mentioned Kabul could well plunge in six months, on the opposite hand, officers closing week mentioned that prediction became gash support in half.

The White Home, on the time, mentioned the Afghan National Defense and Safety Forces had “what they want” to “battle support.” 

“Afghan Safety Forces by no scheme imagined that this can occur, on memoir of correct days ahead of, they had been working with U.S. forces, and immediately, they’re gone,” Mohibi explained. 

“We correct went support to square zero,” he mentioned. “The US has created the present be concerned.” 

“The US need to beget stayed, now no longer forever, nonetheless with some form of deal in favor to fleeing,” he continued, asserting “it brings unfavorable penalties to U.S. credibility on this planet.” 

“If we favor to head again and assign one other nation in the long term, those other folks is now no longer going to believe us,” he added. “They’ll sing, take into memoir what they did to the Afghans.” 


At the Kabul World Airport Monday, U.S. forces tried to compose withhold watch over of the crowd of Afghans attractive to leave the nation. As of Monday morning, all U.S. evacuation flights had been suspended, with U.S. officers telling Fox News that the runway became “now no longer stable” as a entire bunch of Afghans “breached” the airport partitions and flooded the runway.

Officials mentioned till the runway is cleared, the U.S. navy flights are suspended. The U.S. closed its embassy in Kabul on Sunday. 

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